EASD Congress Berlin 2018

A domino show as live communication tool

Sinners Domino Entertainment supported Novo Nordisk, a world leader in diabetes pharmacy, at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) congress in Berlin; one of the most prestigious trade visitor conventions of its kind. During the week, a different theme was displayed on the stand each day to bring attention to the dangers and risks associated with Type 2 diabetes. 1000 trade visitors were also given the opportunity to sign their own personal ambassador domino, which were then integrated into the daily domino structures.

“This example demonstrates how dominoes may be used as a tool of live communication. On the first day, a human figure was created out of dominoes, displayed with the message ‘People with Type 2 diabetes are 2-6 times more likely to die from a stroke or a heart attack’, and ‘cardiovascular risk remains high even when blood sugar is controlled’. Dominoes were also used to map out the heart, as well as blood sugar levels. In the third set-up, emphasis is again placed on the heart with the set-up being accompanied by a warning concerning high blood sugar leading to damaged vessels and blood clots. “Our constructions were able to demonstrate that ideas as to complex medical issues can be communicated effectively and understandably using dominoes. The memorability and interactivity of domino displays as a method of communication helps to maintain an audience’s attention and cement the ideas promoted in their thoughts”, said Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment about the creative design.

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German Domino Record 2018

Celebrating the Anniversary - 10 Years Sinners Domino Entertainment 

596,229 dominoes fell last night under the motto ‘Anniversary Celebration – 10 Years of Sinners Domino Entertainment’ at the German Domino Record 2018, in the brimming town hall of Nidda. This corresponds to an impressive rate of 99.35% of the target 600,751 dominoes. The current record for Germany’s biggest chain reaction until now had stood at 537,938. For the tenth anniversary of Sinners Domino Entertainment, this will be the largest domino show in the world of the last decade. But this is not the only impressive fact about the success of the event.

It is 10.17pm when main sponsor Rainer Lapp sets the first of 600,751 dominoes in motion. Only a few moments later, a ball makes its way to the centre of the largest domino spiral in the world measuring over 7 metres in diameter. 99,919 dominoes fall here – a world record. Shortly thereafter, 21,600 dominoes fall in the ‘Biggest Domino Cube’ and 53,230 dominoes in the 50.653-metre-long ‘Longest Domino Wall’, each breaking further records. Behind the wall, which is one metre tall, the most beautiful moments from the last ten years appear on 50 images. Nostalgia sweeps through the hall, deepened by interview flashbacks from former projects. It is ‘domino entertainment of the finest quality’ according to the event’s presenter Jonas Schreiner who declares the event’s success in front of an enthusiastic international audience.

Pyrotechnic staging and 141 spotlights create a unique live show atmosphere. At a height of three metres Justin Kühn fills in three gaps as the domino chain fast approaches, so that it may make its way through to the James Bond opening sequence motif represented by over 20,000 dominoes. It is a special challenge for the team, but one which provides for an exciting moment of tension as Kühn, hanging only on a rope, masters the seemingly impossible task before him. Other highlights include a three-metre-high jungle temple, a domino-replica village and a five-metre-high wish tree. The entire structure occupies a space of 1000 square metres.

Patrick Sinner, producer of German Domino Record, 2018, said: “What has become the largest domino event in the world in the last decade since 2008 has today reached a spectacular finale with the anniversary event we have been working on for more than a year. The entire coordination and development team is incredibly happy with the result, and we could not have hoped for more. Our many years of tireless work have made a mark of us, and we wanted tonight to live up to our past successes. That’s why we are looking back on our amazing times producing this show with both a smile and a tear tonight.”

The former CDU General Secretary Peter Tauber, Minister of State Lucia Puttrich (CDU), Nidda Mayor Hans-Peter Seum (independent) and his Kefenrod counterpart Rudold Kessler (CDU) congratulate and praise the work of the team as incredibly sensitive with high energy and entertainment value.

Sinners Domino Entertainment would like to thank the sponsors REWE Rainer Lapp, construction company Wolfgang Sperling & Partner, butchers and event catering service Heiko Nagel and the storage operations company Hands Gerlach. Further thanks are given to Deko-Studio Schwab and the bakery Naumann for their continued support. Responsible for event technology was the team of Tonstudio Dachstein.

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Today: German Domino Record 2018

The biggest domino show of the century marks our 10-year anniversary

Only a few hours to go. The electricity is palpable. With 600,000 dominoes, the German Domino Record is taking place for the third time in Nidda. It is not only the biggest chain reaction in Germany, but also the biggest domino show in the world of the last decade. That is just as well, since on the evening, Sinners Domino Entertainment will celebrate its 10-year anniversary! Preparations are additionally made in the categories ‘Biggest Domino Sprial’, ‘Biggest Domino Cube’ and ‘Longest Domino Wall’, for three Guinness World Records to be broken!

“The spectators can expect a spectacular show staged by 141 headlamps along with impressive pyrotechnic features. We contended with considerable risks during the planning phases but managed to come up with by far the most extraordinary but also the most beautiful designs we have created with over the last ten years. No effort was spared and this is visible in the outstanding set constructed. I wish the team the highest success tonight rafter all their efforts over the last two weeks leading up to this event. Even overnight, the team were working hard to have the 50-metre-long domino wall ready by the morning. We are excited to see what the evening will bring!” said Patrick Sinner, Project Manager of the German Domino Record, this afternoon.

Notary Richard Trunk with the support of engineer Frank Paprocki are to ensure on-site regulatory compliance. REWE businessman Rainer Lapp will set the chain reaction in motion as a long-standing partner of Sinners Domino Entertainment. Other guests include members of the German Bundestag, former CDU General Secretary Peter Tauber, Minister of State Lucia Puttrich and Nidda’s Mayor Hans-Peter Seum. Admission to the mid-level hall in Nidda will be from 21:00. Maps available.

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Yorkshire Tea Product Launch Event

The world’s first biscuit domino show.

At the Yorkshire Tea headquarters in Leeds, England, the world’s first biscuit domino chain reaction is being created to launch their all-new ‘Biscuit Brew’ tea variety. Thirty-four co-workers from Yorkshire Tea, Britain’s most prestigious tea brand, create the spectacular domino show which spans the entire site; within 10 hours, the chain created is 120 meters in lengths, with 5,000 biscuits, 500 tea boxes and various other office items. Sinners Domino Entertainment oversees and assists in the preparation and implementation of the construction.

“This was a particularly unique event requiring pioneering creativity and innovation from the get-go. A domino show made using biscuits, so far the only one of its kind in the world, represents an extraordinary new and exciting challenge for us. Both aspects of the concept, however, were hugely successful; the team task in which the Yorkshire Tea team jointly staged the launch of their product as well as the accompanying video shoot. Within just 48 hours, the film recorded had been viewed more than a million times online”, says Patrick Sinner, responsible for project realisation at Sinners Domino Entertainment, describing the success of the event.

Kate Halloran, creator of Biscuit Brew, adds: “Inspired by Britain’s favourite biscuits, we came up with an idea for a new Biscuit Brew variety of tea. To celebrate this occasion, we thought, what could be better than bringing our entire team together to create the world’s first biscuit domino chain? It was a great success and a lot of fun for the team.”

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Announcement: German Domino Record 2018

The biggest domino show of the last decade

The German Domino Record, 2018 takes place on Friday, 3rd August 2018 at 8.45pm in Nidda, marking the 10 year anniversary of the event. Such was announced by Patrick Sinner, Head of Production at Sinners Domino Entertainment, and Nidda’s mayor Hans-Peter Seum at a joint press conference held at the town hall.

Under the motto ‘Celebrating the Anniversary - 10 Years Sinners Domino Entertainment’, 600,000 dominoes will fall, hoping to break the record for Germany’s biggest ever chain reaction, as well as five other official world records. Pyrotechnic features and professional lighting will set the stage for a unique atmosphere to mark the world’s largest domino show of the last decade.

Notary and lawyer Richard Trunk will oversee on-site regulatory compliance. He will be assisted by engineer Frank Paprocki, whose specialist measuring equipment will assess structural dimensions to the nearest millimetre.

Mayor Hand-Peter Seum is looking forward to the event, which is again expected to attract a lot of media attention and will bring Nidda into the public eye beyond regional borders: “We are excited for the team and are already keeping our fingers crossed for their efforts to be rewarded on the 3rd of August.”

According to Patrick Sinner: “We couldn’t celebrate a ten year anniversary more perfectly than with our plans for this year’s event. From day one of our preparations, the focus for this year has been on showcasing the most beautiful and spectacular pictures and scenery that we have built so far. This is by no means an easy task, as such spectacles always entail risk and every domino counts. But it will certainly make for some thrilling and fascinating show moments should everything be successful.”

Sinners Domino Entertainment would like to thank its sponsors, without whom the anniversary event would not be possible. Along with main sponsor REWE Rainer Lapp, we thank the Nagel butchers, the construction company Sperling & Partner and the storage company GfL for their support.

Important Information for Interested Spectators:
In order to ensure a more orderly admissions procedure, a new ticketing process has been developed with the city administration. This entails an online ticket pre-sale (additionally available at Nidda Town Hall) at a price of €7 for adults and €4 for children between 6 and 15 years. The pre-sale will start on 16th July and will end on 2nd August (subject to availability). Interested parties are kindly advised to acquire their tickets in advance of the event due to a very high expected turnout, where in previous years not all those interested were able to purchase seats at the door.

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Shooting Canaletto Tower London

The penthouse domino mission begins

At the end of January, Sinners Domino Entertainment began its supervision of an elaborate video shoot marketing the new penthouse of Canaletto Tower in London. More than 36,000 dominoes and Fraser the dog were filmed making their way through the spacious, two-storey apartment which stands 90 meters above the ground.

“The idea behind the production was for it not to be a simple video tour of the apartment, but for it to be something more special. There is a simplicity about dominoes which reflects the futuristic, organic architecture of the building. This interplay ultimately created a unique and fascinating video which mirrors the very character of Canaletto which won it so many design-awards”, said Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment about the creative composition of the project.

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Riem Arcaden Domino Show Munich

Opening ceremony for shopping centre extension

“To be there when the last stone is laid at the Riem Arcaden” is the message proclaimed at the opening of Munich’s 18,500 square meter shopping centre extension.  Such an idea was not, however, merely symbolic in nature. In fact, it was at exactly 10 o’clock in the morning that shopping centre manager Ivica Pavusek marked the development’s official launch by triggering a five-minute long chain reaction which saw the toppling of 75,000 dominoes.

A particular highlight was the 2.4-meter-tall and 5-meter-wide domino wall, the toppling of which unveiled the extension’s new entrance to the visitors. This was the first time a domino wall so tall had been built. Further motifs of the domino show, created in a record time of 17 hours by a 9-member-team of Sinners Domino Entertainment, reflected the themes of Bavaria, Easter and the Riem Arcaden itself. Stretching over an entire section of the shopping centre’s first floor, the domino construction attracted over 1,000 visitors to the Riem Arcaden.

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Coroplast Domino Show Wuppertal

 32,000 dominoes mark company anniversary

Coroplast Fritz Müller GmbH & Co. KG is today celebrating its 90th anniversary. Meanwhile at its headquarters in Wuppertal, Sinners Domino Entertainment is preparing for a Domino-Show of 32,000 dominoes to mark the occasion, the first of which is to be toppled by company management.

“Coroplast is not only a principle supplier for the Volkswagen Group, but has also developed over the last ninety years into a globally active company. To encapsulate this in a Domino-Show which would be triggered in front of more than 500 employees on the Wuppertal site, but also broadcast to every other branch internationally, was the core idea behind the construction. Thus emerged the design, whereby the names of each country in which Coroplast is operational were arranged geographically around the company logo so that they would fall in a single two-minute chain reaction. The response of the employees to this unusual but equally fascinating occasion was phenomenal”, said Patrick Sinner, responsible for Design and Implementation at Sinners Domino Entertainment.

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UAE National Day Dubai

Three domino shows to mark national day

Every year on the 2nd December, the United Arab Emirates marks its national day of celebration. Organisers and promoters for the events surrounding the occasion are increasingly on the look-out for new forms of spectacular event concepts. This year, it was Sinners Domino Entertainment who took the reins, for the first time conducting three simultaneous Domino-Shows in three separate Dubai malls in front of live audiences.

Patrick Sinner, responsible for Design and Organisation at Sinners Domino Entertainment said: “Aside from the spectacular fireworks displays seen across the UAE and particularly in Dubai on their national day, many other extraordinary events also take place to illuminate the symbolic character of the occasion. In front of live audiences, we were able to capture this sense through three concurrent Domino-Shows in three different Dubai locations. Motifs included the national flag, maps and the Spirit of the Union. To use dominoes as an event instrument was something entirely new for the region, and was even previously unheard of. Once all of the 36,000 dominoes had finally fallen, long lines of curious and impressed audiences had formed in front of the stages. The result represented the successful introduction of an entirely new event concept to Dubai.”

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Anastacia Domino Show

4 million viewers watch sensational chain reaction live on TV

For a live broadcast of the Spanish TV Show El Hormiguero (Antena 3) featuring singer-songwriter Anastacia, Sinners Domino Entertainment organised the Spanish domino record. Eight domino craftsmen in Madrid busied themselves over a five day period with the 150,000-piece domino construction, the motifs of which included Anastacia, Spain, and the show El Hormiguero itself.

“To create a domino show for a TV broadcast presented us with many new and sizable challenges. Aside from the high demands as to the quality of the domino designs and overall project composition, each individual piece of domino artwork included had to be something special too. Not a moment of idle time could be allowed to pass if the audience’s captivation and sense of continuous excitement was to be maintained. An absolute high point was our contrived underwater challenge in which one of our constructivists attempted, successfully, to close three underwater gaps in the domino chain in under just 30 seconds, during which time the oncoming chain reaction crept ever closer. Such a feat was achieved through Justin Kühn’s impressive concentration and composure. This was the first underwater challenge of its kind to be completed. The Anastacia-based motifs were additionally a resounding success. She was fascinated and incredibly dazzled“, said Patrick Sinner, who was in charge of design and management for the project.

After the kick-off by singer Anastacia, virtually every single domino fell as planned. The success resonated with social media users, who described the chain reaction as something unique, spectacular, and the reason for switching on to the programme. With 4,070,000 viewers, the domino show took 23.1% of the television audience share on the night when it aired at 10.47pm, making it the most watched television event of the day.

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TV Commercial Alpha Bank

Advertisement on Romanian television

From today, a very special advertisement for Alpha Bank will be shown on Romanian television, created at the start of this month by Sinners Domino Entertainment in collaboration with the Bucharest-based production company Multi Media. It tells the story of a young family man who builds his wife the Eiffel Tower out of dominoes, only to surprise her the next morning with flights to France. The concept drives the bank’s message that, with their loans, “all dreams can be fulfilled”. Alpha Bank put its convictions behind the originality of such an advertisement, which represents a unique marketing method within the broader advertising landscape, capable of once again capturing audiences’ attention.  

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German Domino Record 2017

Spectacular record-show achieved

Half a million dominoes fell yesterday evening at the atmospheric German Domino Record 2017 event under the motto: “World of Art – Experiencing Domino-Entertainment”. The showcase, which took place in front of a bustling crowd in Nidda, was the largest chain reaction in the world this year.

Despite the presence of over 700 spectators, you could have heard a pin drop for a moment. It was at 9.50pm that the event’s main sponsor, Rainer Lapp, brought the first domino down. Only a few seconds later, the first world record of the night had been achieved: 80,432 toppled in the ‘Largest Domino Circle’ category, the bar of which had been set in America only the previous year with 76,017 dominoes.  Pyro-fountains and streamers shoot into the air. But one effect is misaligned and knocks another: The audience holds its breath fearing a premature end to the record show. Scheduled intervention and quick thinking, however, rectifies the issue within a few minutes and the continuation of the chain reaction is salvaged. Shortly after, the second world record is broken, namely that of the ‘largest 2D domino pyramid’, reaching a height of 3.024 metres and incorporating 8,001 dominoes. This was the first time such a structure had reached a height of over 3 metres; the previous record from 2015 stood at 2.88 metres, made up of 7,260 dominoes.  

Pyrotechnic effects spectacularly accompany the dominoes, such as at the re-creation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Liisa’ and the fall of a three-metre-tall, 30,000 domino Chinese temple. The ‘Builders Challenge’ was also a resounding success: Justin Kühn closes a connecting line in the middle of a domino labrynth under high pressure and clears the way for a wall of dominoes to fall behind him. Mission accomplished, Kühn accidentally knocks about 30 dominoes with his foot when leaving the labrynth, but they fall in the right direction.

Patrick Sinner, director of Sinners Domino Entertainment, said of the show: “What happened this evening in Nidda can hardly be described. A packed-out hall provided a whirlwind atmosphere which saw two world records broken and all dominoes falling as planned. No script-writer could have thought up something so dramatic”.

CDU General Secretary Dr. Peter Tauber, Nidda’s Mayor Hans-Peter Seum (independent), and his Kefenrod counterpart Rudolf Kessler (CDU) commend and congratulate the work of the 18-member team for a delicate, yet dramatic and suspenseful show of high entertainment value.

Sinners Domino Entertainment would like to thank the sponsors REWE Rainer Lapp, Goliath Toys GmbH, construction company Wolfgang Sperling & Partner, butchery and catering service Heiko Nagel, and  the storage operations company Hans Gerlach. Further thanks go to the company Deko Studio Schwab and the bakery Naumann for their support.

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Today: German Domino Record 2017

World records return to Nidda

The excitement intensifies: on this Friday, 11th August at 8.30pm, the central hall in Nidda opens its doors for yet another spectacular edition of the German Domino Records. With impressive new domino motifs under the motto “World of Art – Experiencing Domino-Entertainment”, two world records are to be broken, namely the ‘Largest Domino Circle’ and the ‘Largest Domino 2D-Pyramid’.

“However the evening pans out, the team has done incredibly well. In total, about 50,000 dominoes placed in duplicate fell during the construction phase. That’s about an entire day’s worth of construction. So seeing the discipline, perseverance and motivation of each member of the team is beyond impressive. The technical team has also worked around the clock to stage the hall and to bring the audience a brilliant show tonight”, said the event’s main organiser Patrick Sinner this afternoon.
For 12 days, an 18-member team from Sinners Domino Entertainment worked on the world’s largest domino construction of 2017. Olaf Kuchenbecker from the Records Institute for Germany and notary Richard Trunk checked the site’s compliance with regulations before the event’s commencement. Main sponsor Rainer Lapp will set off the first domino in a chain of over 500,000. Further guests to the event will be CDU General Secretary Dr. Peter Tauber and Nidda’s mayor, Hans-Peter Seum. More than 500 spectators are expected to attend. Entry is free.  

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Announced: German Domino Record 2017

World’s largest domino show of the year

On Friday, 11th August at 8.30pm, the next edition of the annual German Domino Records will commence in Nidda. This was just announced by Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment at a press conference in Nidda with the city’s mayor, Hans-Peter Seum.

The event will take place under the motto “World of Art – Experiencing Domino-Entertainment”, with various artistic motifs such as the Mona Lisa, a Chinese temple and Goethe’s erlking embodied by over 500,000 dominoes to be brought down in a spectacular show. For the first time, pyrotechnic effects will support the project. The construction will be the world’s largest domino chain reaction of the year.

Also targeted are the two world records of ‘Largest Domino Circle’ and ‘Largest Domino 2D Pyramid’. In 2014, Sinners Domino Entertainment held the record for the largest circle motif, which was broken just last year by an American team with 76,017 fallen dominoes.  This time, 77,777 dominoes are to fall. With the domino pyramid, the world record from 2015 will also be surpassed, which is currently at 7,260 dominoes.

Olaf Kuchenbecker from the Record Institute of Germany and former editor-in-chief of the German edition of the Guinness Book will be on site to ensure regulatory compliance, along with notary and lawyer Richard Trunk.

Mayor Hans-Peter Seum is looking forward to the upcoming event. He brought the record-breaking event to Nidda in 2015 and is confidenr that it will be a resounding success yet again this year. “We are bringing the world record back from America to Nidda”, he says with optimism.

In addition to REWE’s Rainer Lapp as main sponsor, the butchery and catering service Nagel, construction company Sperling (glassworks), storage operations company Hans Gerlach and Goliath Toys also make the project possible.

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Team-building Munich Trade Fair

A 400-participant collaboration

Bringing 400 people together to work on a single domino chain reaction may initially seem like a tall order. When it then emerges that the construction must include a very special and particular motif, it may even seem impossible. But this is exactly what happened in Munich: All participants in the Munich Fayre faced a series of team-building challenges over the course of the day, such as the inclusion of the word ‘Einsatzfreude’, in English enthusiasm, into a domino creation. The event’s participants took on the challenge in four groups and with the support of four coaches and the careful preparation of Sinners Domino Entertainment, the whole idea came to fruition. The colleagues managed to construct the word on their own and all 10,000 dominoes placed fell as planned. Klaus Dittrich, CEO of Messe München, was very satisfied.

“Working with dominoes as a team-building tool requires patience, sensitivity, perseverance, dedication and teamwork from all participants – and at the same time promotes these very qualities. With the support of experienced professionals, everyone in the team can be part of creating a great chain reaction. The group feels their own special sense of achievement when they witness all the dominoes they placed fall as planned. And even if something goes wrong during construction and hundreds of dominoes accidentally fall, it is an impressive sight in and of itself seeing all the colleagues rushing to help each other put it back together”, says Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment about the experience of domino team-building.  

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Eco Field Days 2017

Domino-logo opening

More than 8,000 visitors will experience the innovation in and diversity of agriculture in Frankenhausen, Hessen, on the 21st and 22nd of June at the Eco Field Days event. Sinners Domino Entertainment constructed the event’s logo using more than 10,000 dominoes. The Minister of Agriculture Priska Hinz and the Presidents of the University of Kassel, Prof. Reiner Finkeldey and Dr. Felix Löwenstein will commence the event. Since the event is based on the theme of nature and agriculture, the dominoes will fall for the first time in open-air.

“The organisers have come up with something truly special and have dared to try a great experiment. After setting up in a sheltered tent, the tarpaulins were removed and the domino superstructure stood unprotected in the middle of the ground under and an open sky. Fortunately, wind and weather conditions were calm and the courage of the organisers was rewarded; all dominoes fell as planned and the exhibitors and guests were thrilled”, says Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino entertainment about this unique project.

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Bombardier Domino Advertisement 2017

A chain reaction above the clouds

Quite literally above the clouds in Montreal, Canada, a domino structure arises for the international aircraft manufacturer Bombardier to promote its new Premier Cabin. 3,000 individual dominoes were placed for the shoot in a Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft to demonstrate the stability and tranquillity of this new aeroplane and to show off its interior. Filmed in early May, the advert is now celebrating its premier at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.   

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Faurecia Day FIS Peine 2017

Domino logo to celebrate company birthday

On March 23rd, the employees of the Faurecia Group celebrate the company’s birthday with special celebrations and events worldwide. Sinners Domino Entertainment prepared for this year’s occasion by constructing a domino version of the new company logo, made up of 15,000 dominoes, in the main building of the Forecia Interior Systems Ltd (GmbH) location in Lower Saxony.

“A successful event, the completion of which provided the Faurecia staff with enthusiasm and amazement. It was something completely new; a novel experience for everyone, especially because each of the staff in attendance could place their very own domino”, says Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment about the atmosphere of the project, adding: “The feedback was outstanding. The people in charge were extremely satisfied with the result of the showcase and its integration into their celebrations”. 

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Turkish Domino Record 2016

Bursa Domino Show breaks national record

Using 300,000 dominoes, Sinners Domino Entertainment is for the first time preparing for a major international event. The Bursa Domino Show in Turkey is all about the host country and was conceived under the motto: “Turkey – History and Culture”. From the founding of the Republic of Turkey by Mustafa Atatürk to the country’s culture and its Bosporos bridge, well-known Turkish motifs were singled out and creatively packed into a rousing domino show. The goal: to break the current Turkish national record from 2009 of nearly 200,000 dominoes. The regional government in Yildrim, Bursa, seeks to mark the Turkish national annual holiday on October 29th with this very special event.  

“With this project, we faced completely new challenges. Another country means a different culture, a different way of working, and a different audience. Together with our clients and Turkish construction companies, we have taken on the challenge to adapt a creative domino show with complex content to such new circumstances. The result was highly elaborate, but equally visually compelling and effective design. With a four-member planning team and a 14-member domino construction team from five different countries, this domino show set new standards in our event preparation. Never before have so many people from so many countries participated in one of our events. We successfully tackled a number of logistical challenges: for example, all dominoes came from our own stock and had to arrive in sufficient colour-specific quantities at a venue 2,500 kilometres away”, says Patrick Sinner, who was responsible for the project’s implementation for Sinners Domino Entertainment.

Both the Turkish organisers and the construction team were finally put at ease after the successful completion of the seven-minute spectacle which saw a new Turkish record established with 293,841 fallen dominoes.  


More than three million people nationwide tuned in to Turkish TV to watch the Bursa Domino Show.

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RID Record Day 2016

‘World Records of Germany’ book launches at book fair

The German Record Insitute’s (RID) ‘World Records of Germany’ (arsEdition), to be launched on Wednesday, 18th October 2016, represents the first record book for the German-speaking world. The book’s release comes just in time for the Frankfurt Book Fair, at which the RID plans to mark its first official records day with some exciting record-breaking showcases from those included in the book. Here, a four-member team from Sinners Domino Entertainment makes its debut, featuring in the book for an array of domino world records. 80 copies of ‘Word Records of Germany’ were piled up on top of each other within 60 seconds, which record judge and organiser Olaf Kuchenbecker immediately certified with record certificates.

“The idea was to actively integrate the new RID record book into the media event and to highlight it as the main component of a record attempt. Based on our experience, skill and concentration, we arranged this record attempt, working alongside the German Records Institute, to mark the commencement of the occasion. We were able to stack up all the books into a shaky yet stable book tower within the planned time”, says Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment on the idea and its execution.

Further thrilling highlights from the occasion follow: Trial biker Max Schrom jumps over 37 people lying on the ground with his bike; Franz Huber sets the world record for ‘most successive sit-ups with a swallowed sword’ with 11 fully performed sit-ups; Taekwondo athlete Jaclyn Hagermann bursts 90 balloons hanging above her head using a pin attached to her high-heel; and Christoph Seipp travels to all of Frankfurt’s subway stations within 5 hours, 58 minutes and 53 seconds.

Unfortunately, Muhammed Kahrimanovic’s attempt to get one litre of coconut milk within 120 seconds by crushing individual coconuts is unsuccessful. By an equally narrow margin, cyclist Max Schrom fails his second record attempt at ‘longest road bike jump off a stand’.

The first RID record book, ‘World Records of Germany’ will be published on 18th October 2016 by arsEdition.

The copyright of the incorporated photos is located at: © Moodpix - Alexander Pihuliak (2016)

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Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

World record for book-dominoes kicks off event

9,862 books -  until this morning, this was the current record for ‘most fallen books in a chain reaction’, held until mid-July by a team from Japan. During the night from Tuesday through to Wednesday, however, a 12-member team from Sinners Domino Entertainment laid 10,200 Guinness World Record 2016 books out in preparation for the breaking of this record at the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The project was organised in collaboration with Hoffmann & Campe Publishers, Guinness World Records, and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Shortly after 12.00pm is when Christine Westermann, presenter of the ZDF show ‘Aspects’ sets off the book chain. It only takes a minute for the chain reaction to travel the full length of its route. Guinness World Records judge Seyda Subasi-Gemici, responsible for checking compliance with international regulations, declares the attempt a success immediately afterwards. All books fall as planned.

“On behalf of all those who participated in the planning and organisation of the project, I am thrilled that we were able to break the record. There is no better place for a new world record using books than at the Frankfurt Book Fair! The Guinness World Records book is a one of a kind type of book for the curious and the crazy from all over the world. It’s great that everything came together here as intended”, said co-organiser Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment after the event. 

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Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Chain reaction of books to break world record

The Frankfurt Book Fair will open its doors for the 67th time this coming Wednesday. Around 7,300 exhibitors from over 100 countries, more than 275,000 visitors, over 4,000 events, 9,000 journalists and 1,000 bloggers make the Frankfurt Book Fair the world’s largest trade fair for publishing each year. For the first time, in 2015, the opening ceremony is to include a world record attempt; Hoffmann & Campe Publishers and Guinness World Records are to collaborate with Sinners Domino Entertainment to showcase a 10,000 piece chain reaction using books as dominoes, topping the current Japanese-held world record of 9,862 books.

“With my whole team, I am looking forward to the challenge of bringing a world record for domino-books to Germany! After bringing down over half a million ordinary dominoes in constructions this August, laying these 10,000 books is a whole new challenge for us”, explains Patrick Sinner, who is overseeing the project for Sinners Domino Entertainment.

From the point of view of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the upcoming record attempt is already a fantastic marketing success: “A perfect example for the staging of books on the largest on what is the largest stage for books in the world!” says Markus Gogolin, head of marketing and communications. Daniel Kampa, a Hoffmann and Campe publisher, adds: “The Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest book fair in the world and the Guinnes World Records the best-selling annual book in the world. With two such records coming together, the success of the project would only be creating a third. We will be keeping our fingers crossed for the publisher”.

The official Guinness World Records judge Seyda Subasi-Gemici will check on-site regulatory compliance and confirm the record if successful.

Dates and details: 

Wednesday, 14th October 2015, 12.00pm.

Frankfurt Book Fair, Hall 6.3, north-east side, meeting point in the café.

With Jürgen Boos (director, Frankfurt Book Fair) and Daniel Kampa (publisher, Hoffmann & Campe)

The Guinness World Records Book 2016 was published on 10th September by Hoffmann & Campe Publishers.

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Hirzenhain Guild Fair 2015

25,000 dominoes provide a symbolic start

For the fourth time this year, the Hirzenhain Guild Fair is taking place at the Breuer Buidling in the Buderus Park in Hirzenhain. More than 7,000 visitors and perfect weather conditions make the fair a resounding success. Under the motto: ‘Hirzenhain Guild – We show what Upper Hesse really has to offer’, the opening domino show makes its mark: 25,000 dominoes were placed and prepared by a team form Sinners Domino Entertainment between Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning, taking the form of the logo and guild of the municipality Hirzenhain. Between these two motifs is a spectacular confetti cannon which, when blasted, provides yet more enthusiasm and applause from the opening’s attendees.

“One of the aims of the fair, to be held in the historic Breuer Building, was to combine tradition with modernity. Using the pyro effect during the fall of the ancient bombshell caricature gave the opening a literal starting bang! In conjunction with the two logos, this made for a coherent and effective concept for the fair’s opening”, says Patrick Sinner who, together with guild graphic artist Max Küttner, is responsible for the construction’s design.

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Dominoland - Reaching The Limit

German Domino Record 2015 hits half a million

With 543, 210 dominoes, the second German domino record this year was achieved under the motto: ‘Dominoland – Reaching the Limit’. Thanks to the support of the city of Nidda and Mayor Hans-Peter Seum, the event was able to be brought to the local gymnasium at short notice, after the Büdinger premises were closed due to refurbishments.

It takes four attempts, however, until REWE sponsor Rainer Lapp get the chain reaction off to a start. The reason for this is not so much down to Lapp himself as it down to the scale of the challenge the whole team faced; the first row of dominoes was placed upside down so that they would fall headlong against the laws of physics. Whilst they eventually did, a glitch was then seen in the transition between the physics-defying stones and the normal standing stones.

Olaf Kuchenbecker, record judge from the records institute of Germans and responsible for certifying the record results, concludes that more than 200 ‘hanging’ dominoes at the start be deducted from the total number of dominoes felled.

But when the chain finally gets off to a successful start, the mood in the hall remains tense, for a single break in the chain elsewhere would now mean the failure of the world-record breaking attempt. The dominoes take a passage through a sunset in Hawaii, a temple in a jungle and even conquer the Antarctic. Edward Munch’s ‘The Scream’, likewise, is no obstacle with its specially constructed, three-meter-high vertical canvas. Justin Kühn, who has been a builder in Sinner’s team for three years, goes on to place a series of cereal boxes as alternative dominoes live before the chain reaction reaches them! An additional 15,000 dominoes makes this possible.

The varied and colourful motifs work hand-in-hand with the new world records established, namely ‘Most Fallen Dominoes Under Water’, ‘Largest 2D Pyramid’ and the grand finale of a 72-square-metre domino portrait consisting of 150,174 individual dominoes depicting Apple founder Steve Jobs, who died four years ago.

The audience is enthused. More than 700 spectators have come to the exhibition in Nidda. Among them is CDU Secretary General Dr. Peter Tauber, who praises the work of the team as “incredibly creative yet subtle work”. Nidda’s mayor Hans-Peter Seum (independent) and his Kefenrod counterpart Rudolf Kessler (CDU) are also present.

Only a quarter of an hour after the last domino has fallen, Kuchenbecker, who is responsible for the census along with notary Kurt Weckesser and notary representative Christoph Duchardt, announce a new German record for the ‘Largest Domino Chain Reaction’ with 537,938 fallen dominoes. For the first time, a German record exceeds the half a million mark, after the previous high of 427,209 fallen dominoes last year.

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Advertising Production: “Soyjoy”

Soybean bars advertised with a domino chain reaction

The soy bar producer ‘Soyjoy’ puts its trust in the use of a domino chain reaction as the advertising technique for its TV commercial within the Indonesian market. “Through various special effects and the dynamic flow resulting from the chain reaction, the viewer’s attention is once again focussed on the screen. This is especially the case since the commercial stands out from its grey background. This advert is a great example of how to creatively encapsulate a difficult advertising message in a way that is accessible and appealing to consumers. With the right idea, the domino is ideal for such purposes and at the same time a quirky opportunity for product presentation”, says Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment, who was responsible for the implementation of the project.

The advert depicts a young woman rolling a soybean like a marble into an hourglass full of other soybeans. Another falls out below and sets in motion a domino chain reaction. Later, Soyjoy, as an alternative to traditionally confectionary products, is shown to be healthier in that it regulates blood sugar and reduces calorie intake. The TV advert is designed to appeal to typical Indonesian eating practices. There, the consumption of cakes and sweets as a choice for deserts is widespread.

The clip was produced at the beginning of the year in Berlin by the advertising production company Pet & Flo with the support of Sinners Domino Entertainment and other special effects assistants.

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Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

Promotion of the Guinness World Records Book 2015

The 66th Frankfurt Book Fair is currently underway in Frankfurt. With over 200,000 visitors, it is the largest trade fair for literature in the world. Represented there among others is the established German publisher ‘Hoffmann and Campe’, which publishes the Guinness World Records each year. As a long-time partner of Guinness World Records, Sinners Domino Entertainment supports the publishing house by preparing a domino logo of the British record office made using 10,000 individual dominoes over the course of the fair on Saturday. Interested trade fair visitors are able to follow the setup and ask the team questions about their record attempts and the new Guinness Book. 10,000 dominoes are used and successfully toppled in total on a bustling exhibition stand.

“You don’t get the opportunity to do a project at the Frankfurt Book Fair every day. We are all the more pleased to have Hoffman and Campe Publishers as a new and valuable partner in promoting the Guinness World Records Book and to give the visitors the opportunity to talk to world record holders themselves”, says Patrick Sinner, also a Guinness World Records Ambassador, about the project.

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The Year in Domino

German Domino Record 2014, Bündigen

With half a million dominoes, Sinners Domino Entertainment is hosting the German Domino Record in Bündigen for the first time under the motto “The Year in Domino -  A Festival of Colours”. For 14 days, a fifteen-member team is working on what is currently Germany’s biggest domino show. At 22.00 hours, Rainer Lapp, representative of the main sponsor REWE, is visibly nervous for the show’s commencement. Understandably so, for one single error could make achieving the record impossible.

The initiated domino chain directly leads to a spectacular record attempt: a four-colour domino circle measuring almost seven metres in diameter forms the centre of the gigantic chain reaction that stretches across the entirety of the 1,200 square metre Wilhelm Lückert Hall in Bündigen. The circle portrays the four main colours of each season, each displayed individually in their respective colour palettes. The spring is represented by green, the summer yellow, the autumn red and the winter predominantly by white. This first world record is broken when a polystyrene ball falls into the middle of the circle to trigger the collapse of the 54,321 dominoes in just five seconds; the audience is immediately enthused.

As a special feature, each section sees the dominoes having to bypass new obstacles. For example, in the summer motif, there are 10,489 dominoes in a pool of water. The project is successful with the dominoes falling in slow motion, nevertheless setting the second record of the evening.

Justin Kühn, however, who has been a builder in Sinner’s team since 2012, is less fortunate with the autumnal motif. A swivelling wooden beam fails to connect with its intended target and leaves 15,000 dominoes untoppled. For a moment, the German Domino Record seemed in jeopardy, especially since shortly before the start of the chain reaction a disaster had almost occurred; Santa Claus in the winter-themed construction falls too early through its mock-fireplace and sets 5,000 dominoes in motion prematurely. Only a makeshift repair ensures the falling track reaches the next image.

The other motifs, however, are resounding successes. In the winter-themed construction, two children duel in a snowball fight, butterflies and hearts spread spring fever in the spring-themed construction, and the decisive goal is scored in a stadium hosting the World Cup for the summer. When the 45-square foot final image of the Sydney Opera House made of 81,810 dominoes falls, Olaf Kuchenbecker, the record judge from the German Records Institute, immediately begins counting the remaining dominoes. Together with notary Kurt Weckesser from Ortenberg, the number of dominoes built in preparation had already been determined. After an hour came the redeeming news: 472,209 dominoes have fallen and broken the previous record of 435,747 dominoes which had been held by a team in Bavaria.

Incidentally, the third world record was achieved up on the 12th August during construction: 1,055 dominoes were stacked vertically on top of each other. The pile had to stand for over one hour according to the regulations; in fact, it ended up standing for one hour, twenty-six minutes and eleven seconds.

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Domino-Publishing celebrates 50 Years

Company logo made of dominoes marks anniversary celebration

Domino-Publishing in Munich is today celebrating its 50th birthday. Sinners Domino Entertainment sincerely congratulates the company and is creating an impressive domino construction of one of its publication’s most famous characters, Floh, using over 15,000 dominoes. “Domino-Publishing has been publishing the magazine ‘Floh’ with this character for exactly 50 years now and has inspired children and aided teaching within education this whole time. What could be more fitting than to link the publisher’s name to actual dominoes to mark its anniversary? I was very happy to take on this task with my team. In just nine hours, the logo was completed on the floor of the Blutenburg Palace and the organisers were provided with a fantastic prelude to the anniversary celebrations”, says Patrick Sinner of his work on the project. 

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SuperBrain - Le Supermenti (RAI UNO)

Domino challenge on Italian Television

Valerio Torcasio is a musician and has a very fine ear for rhythm and score. In collaboration with the TV production company Endemol Italy, the idea of a domino-themed concept for the TV show ‘SuperBrain – Le Supermenti’, in which Torcasio can guess only by the sounds heard how many dominoes fall in a chain reaction right next to him, was realised. The dominoes in question were numbered, allowing the show’s presenter to select the exact amount of dominoes she wants to fall. She decides to topple exactly 8,404 dominoes. Torcasio believes he hears 8,462 dominoes fall, meaning that he is only 58 dominoes short of the exact figure! The broadcast will be aired on December 28th on the Italian TV channel RAI Uno.

“The diverse and creative applications for which dominoes can be used became especially clear in this project. When the production company approached us with the concept, we were very sceptical as to whether it would be achievable. In the end, the audience was as fascinated as we were by the result”, says Patrick Sinner about the project.   

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Radio Station Logo constructed in Studio Frankfurt

Promotional project for “50 things a Hesse needs to know”

As part of the promotion of the TV show ’50 things a Hesse needs to know’ (November 14th, 8.15pm, Hessian Broadcasting), Patrick Sinner and Christian Bernges attended the studio of radio station HR3. “Hessian Broadcasting sought to gauge opinion through TV and radio as to things members of the public thought every Hesse ought to know, such as things that are typically Hessian or that have brought Hessen into recent headlines. In preparation for the radio show, listeners were also asked where in the world they thought the lightest stone wall existed, following Sinners Domino Entertainment’s Guinness World Record for ‘Longest Domino Wall’ last July. To answer this question, Christian and Patrick were invited to the HR3 radio studio in Frankfurt. On this occasion, they were also challenged to build the station’s logo out of dominoes in one hour. Viewers are able to cast their votes online at www.50dinge.hr-online.de until 27th October”, explains Patrick Sinner on the background of the visit. 

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Hirzenhain Guild Fair 2013

Guild Logo constructed using 15,000 dominoes

After events in both 2009 and 2011, the third instalment of the Hirzenhain Guild Fair took place this weekend. In the middle of the Buderus industrial area, exhibitors and attendees made the most of the extensive exhibition grounds. The main topics of discussion revolved around construction, automotive trade, health, social mobility, tourism and new technologies. At the fair’s opening day on Saturday morning at 10.00 o’clock, the guild’s logo, created out of over 15,000 dominoes, created a great deal of excitement for both guests and exhibitors alike. A team from Sinners Domino Entertainment had prepared the domino structure the Friday before. Guests at the opening ceremony included District Administrator Joachim Arnold, the President of the Chamber of Crafts in Wiesbaden Klaus Repp, and the Vice President of IHK Giessen-Friedberg, Dr. Angelika Schleffke.

“The Hirzenhain Guild Fair represents the entrepreneurial diversity of the Wetterau region like no other event. Popular excitement provides companies with an effective platform to showcase their talents and present themselves. We were thrilled to contribute to the event by creating the guild’s logo out of dominoes for the fair’s opening. For all exhibitors and attendees, it was a fantastic addition to the many speeches held that day”, said Patrick Sinner following the opening of the trade fair.

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Enjoy Your Life - The Domino Record 2013

BBC on the set of a double world record attempt

After a year’s preparation, the dominoes finally started falling at the Wilhelm-Lückert Hall in Bündigen on Friday evening – with success! Under the motto “Enjoy Your Life – The Domino Record 2013”, the twelve-member team from Sinners Domino Entertainment designed an exciting domino course to showcase the most beautiful facets of life, which included two world record attempts.

Early on Friday afternoon, there is already reason to celebrate as 2,000 mini dominoes, roughly the same size as fingernails, all topple as planned to break the first world record of the showcase, beating the previous record of 1,585 dominoes. For good reason, the audience is excluded from this spectacle, for the slightest draft would have been enough to send the whole chain tumbling over prematurely. Other than a television crew from England’s BBC, who were filming for series on Guinness World Record attempts around the world called ‘Officially Amazing’, only the official record judge Eva Norroy had access to the spectacle. Together with notary Kurt Weckesser from Ortenberg, she confirms the validity of the world record for the British Record Office, having documented the exact number of dominoes toppled.

At 21.43, Wolfgang Naumann, managing director of sponsor Naumann Bakery, gets the second spectacle underway in front of an audience numbering 500. A pendulum attached to the hall’s ceiling swings into the centre of the world’s largest ‘domino spiral’ to trigger the second world record attempt of the evening, setting the entire course in motion, with a total of 275,000 dominoes. It takes just 30 seconds for the spiral to fall in its entirety. Eva Norroy confirmed that exactly 55,555 dominoes fell in the spiral, breaking the previous record of 50,500 from a team from Baden-Württemberg. Sinners Domino Entertainment reclaimed their title after having lost it at the end of March.

Divided into five different sections, namely ‘Enjoying Travelling’, ‘Enjoying Celebration’, ‘Enjoying Entertainment’, ‘Enjoying Sports’ and ‘Enjoying Nature’, the chain reaction was accompanied by playful effects and transitions, astonishing the audience. For example, a ball was shot into a goal and a model aeroplane flew over an entire section of dominoes. Justin Kühn, one of the team’s constructionists, also masterminded a special challenge whereby a domino bridge was built over a pool of water within 30 seconds, from which he pulled out the required stones. At the end of the event, a sunset domino panorama dazzled with more than 20 colours and 25,000 individual domino pieces.

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Falling into Past - A Journey around the World

128.000 domino pieces write history

In order to rectify the failed record attempt in January for ‘Largest Domino Wall’, Patrick Sinner’s team began working once again this week. For the first time, support was also drawn in from Austria. Bustling crowds of attendees made their presence felt as they entered the Wilhelm-Lückert Halll in Bündigen on Friday evening. Remember, the world’s longest domino wall had completely collapsed upon the audience’s entrance half a year ago. This year, however, with the support of regional energy provider OVAG, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, the event was brought to Bündigen in a space three times the size of the previous location in Kefenrod, allowing for the increased demand from visitors and the media to be met with a grandstand.

Under the motto “Falling into the Past – A Journey Around the World”, well-known historical events and symbols from various countries around the world are represented in a domino construction of 128,000 individual pieces. The Yin & Yang symbol was on display alongside a depiction of America’s ‘Black Friday’ and the fall of the Berlin Wall uniting Germany. The Colosseum in Rome was also modelled, as well as South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela and Arctic landscapes.

Notary Richard Trunk from Bündigen oversaw the world record attempts for the Guinness Book of World Records during the chain reaction’s toppling. A 30-metre-long and one-metre-tall construction brought the audience the ‘Longest Domino Wall’ and 13,486 dominoes created the ‘Largest 3D Domino Pyramid’. After Mrs. Anne Naumann from OVAG gave the impetus, it became clear that both records could well be broken on the same day. For a split second, however, the pattering of exactly 31,405 dominoes came to a standstill, fortunately continuing its way again and demonstrating the potentially catastrophic consequences of even minor errors. For example, only 48 hours before the show’s commencement, the ‘Largest 3D Pyramid’ structure had come crashing down prematurely. Only the strength of nerve of Julian Kaufmann, one of the constructionists from Sinner’s ten-member team, could manage to reconstruct the pyramid before the first guest entered the door on the night.

The next record attempt is scheduled for the summer of 2013. 

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One Day – Two World Records

Double-entry targeted for the Guinness World Records book

Patrick Sinner’s team started the new year with a double world record attempt for the Guinness Book of World Records. For four days, the multipurpose hall in Kefenrod saw the building of both a 30-metre-long attempt at the ‘Longest Domino Wall’ and a 30,000 piece ‘Largest Domino Spiral’. Under the supervision of official notary Richard Trunk from Bündigen, and in front of over 400 spectators, Friday evening was the chosen time to try and break both records. The task is challenging, for each and every domino has to fall properly in accordance with international regulations; building the structure alone is not enough.

Only a short time after guests were welcomed into the hall, expressions of shock on the faces of the attendees said everything; the 30-metre-long and one-metre-high domino wall had come crashing down prematurely. The wall’s collapse did not occur singularly and thus failed to comply with the necessary regulations to break the world record, previously standing at 27 metres. “We assume that the sound from one of the speakers caused the wall to collapse. This was aided by the heat coming off the headlights. One can clearly see here that domino structures are indeed as frail and vulnerable as one might typically imagine”, said Patrick Sinner following the event.

The second world record attempt, however, for the ‘Largest Domino Spiral’, was fortunately unaffected by this hiccup. When notary Richard Trunk felled the first domino on his pedestal, the tension in the hall was palpable; would at least one record attempt work? After 10 minutes and exactly 30,000 toppled dominoes, a new world record was indeed broken. The previous record had been held by Max Poser in Berlin, a record from 2009 consisting of 28,800 dominoes.

The relief felt by both members of the construction team and the audience, naturally, was huge. “We have put all of our experience into these two record attempts, and are relieved that at least one of them came off as planned. The atmosphere here was incredibly exciting, and has created great enjoyment for everyone in attendance”, said Christian Bernges, a constructionist in Sinner’s team, following the successful world record attempt.

The event was covered by the following media outlets: HR1, HR3, HR4, FFH, Hessischer Rundfunk, magazine ‘Maintower’, Rhein-Main-TV, and the press agencies DPA and DAPD, which produce more than 100 articles daily in their newspapers and websites. The record attempt was even acknowledged by some members of the international press.

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Dominoes Making TV

Germany’s third largest ever chain reaction comes tumbling down

With 49, 614 out of a total of 50,000 dominoes falling in a chain reaction, Patrick Sinner and his team not only broke their own personal record of 38, 642 dominoes set in May, but also created the third largest chain reaction in Germany to date. ‘Dominoes Making TV’ was the appropriate motto this time, for the themes incorporated revolved around popular TV shows.

Even classics such as ‘Dick and Doof’ and Rudi Carell’s ‘Ongoing Band’ were included in the domino showcase of the German TV landscape on the floor of the multi-purpose hall in Kefenrod.

Willy Brandt’s well-known opening shot for German colour television was also staged with dominoes, marking one of the most significant moments in German TV history. To this end, domino constructionist Christian Bernges, like Brandt 44 years ago, pressed on a buzzer, which was mounted in a lectern, to switch the event’s video recording from black-and-white back into colour.  

When the dominoes reached depictions of modern German television, the pieces earned the maximum sum of one million euros from the popular quiz show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ and embodied the logos of the Raab productions ‘TV Total’ and ‘Schlag den Raab’. The national TV-Experiment for ‘Where is Sven?’ was additionally incorporated into the reaction, which had caused a national media stir in the summer of 2010.

The grand finale consisted of 14 domino towers, whose debris, once fallen, formed the word ‘TV’. At the same time, Tristan Betz, owner of the technology partner ‘Radio Betz’ lit a pyrotechnic spray fountain that show in dramatic style for the spectators, numbering over 200. 

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In a Second around the World

Dominoes embody computer-technology and the internet

Exactly 42,800 dominoes were waiting to be set off in their course on Friday evening by Walter Betz, representative of partner ‘Radio Betz’. Under the motto ‘In a Second around the World’, different motifs from the digital world were depicted in domino-form, having been set up over a four-day period. “The show’s theme is in reference to the ever-easier and faster means of contacting other people from across the world within seconds; today, emails and social networks make this almost universally accessible”, said Patrick Sinner of the project’s conception. Sinner designed and constructed the individual domino motifs together with five other domino constructionists.

Examples of included domino depictions were the logos of internet giants such as Google, eBay, Facebook and YouTube, as well as CDs and USB sticks and the computer game ‘A City of Dominoes’. Another highlight of the chain reaction was the ‘Builders’ Challenge’ in which the constructionists Christian Bernges and Julian Kaufmann built a 64-centimetre domino line on top of another domino wall in only 90 seconds as the chain reaction crept ever-closer.

The pair completed their challenge successfully, but the chain reaction came to a temporary halt en route to the structure. “In order not to endanger the further progression of the chain reaction, safety measures are always in place for such occurrences”, explained Patrick Sinner regarding the connections between individual domino features.  The chain reaction ended spectacularly with a silver bauble cannon’s eruption, installed by a team of event technicians from Radio Betz.

Within five minutes, a total of 38,642 of the 42,800 dominoes set up by the team had been toppled, marking a new regional record, previously standing at 37,014 dominoes.

Sinner envisages a further series of thematically-oriented domino events going forward. For the first time, such an event, accompanied by a thematic motto, was recorded for publication on the internet. According to Sinner, this should make future projects more interesting for spectators and aid accessibility of such showcases to wider audiences.

A continuation of the project is already planned for late summer. 

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