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Canaletto Tower Promotional Video


Today saw the launch of the marketing campaign for the penthouse of the Canaletto Tower in London. Sinners Domino Entertainment oversaw the complex shoot of the campaign video, which features more than 36,000 dominoes.

A video with dominoes and a dog
The Canaletto Tower is an exclusive high-rise apartment building located in the English capital. In the video, more than 36,000 dominoes and Fraser the dog take viewers on a tour of the spacious two-storey suite at a height of 90 metres above the ground.

Using dominoes to reflect the architecture
“The idea behind the production was for it to be more than just a simple video tour of the penthouse; it needed to be something special. There is a simplicity about dominoes that allows them to reflect the futuristic and organic architecture of the building like no other object. This interplay between dominoes and architecture has ultimately resulted in a fascinating video that mirrors the very character of the Canaletto Tower, for which it has already won several design awards”, said Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment about the creative design behind the project.

The highlights:

  • Filming a video for a marketing campaign
  • 36,000 dominoes constructed
  • Combining dominoes and architecture
  • Development and implementation of creative domino concept by SDE

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Canaletto Tower Corporate Domino Video Shoot London


To produce a domino chain reaction for a promotional video to advertise the penthouse in the award-winning Canaletto Tower in London


To develop a domino concept and execute the video tour with 36,000 dominoes and Frazer the dog for the clever presentation of the spacious apartment








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