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Domino-Verlag Company Anniversary


The Domino Verlag publishing house in Munich recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. For the anniversary celebration, Sinners Domino Entertainment used more than 15,000 dominoes to recreate its famous “Floh” character.

The celebrations get off to a successful start
“The Domino Verlag has now been publishing the magazine ‘Floh’ with this character for precisely 50 years and has inspired children and young people and helped teachers in their work week after week throughout this time. What could be more fitting than to link the publisher’s name to actual dominoes to mark its anniversary? I was delighted to be able to take on this task with my team. In just nine hours, our team of three builders constructed the logo on the floor of Blutenburg Palace, thus providing the organisers and guests with a fantastic prelude to the anniversary celebrations”, states Patrick Sinner, Project Manager at Sinners Domino Entertainment, about the work on the project.

The highlights:

  • A logo celebrating the company anniversary
  • 15,000 dominoes constructed
  • Construction of the entire setup in just 9 hours
  • Published in Domino Verlag's "Floh-Magazin" magazine throughout Germany
Client: Domino Verlag Günther Brinek GmbH
Industry: Publishing/print
Production: 50 Years of the Domino Verlag Domino Show in Munich
Task: To construct the “Floh” logo of the popular magazine for children and young people published by the Domino Verlag
Solution: 15,000 dominoes in a domino logo covering seven square metres








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