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El Hormiguero Anastacia TV Show


Sinners Domino Entertainment recently organised the Spanish Domino Record as a live broadcast for the Spanish TV show El Hormiguero (Antena 3) featuring the pop star Anastacia. The key figures: 8 domino experts, 5 days of construction and 150,000 dominoes

The Spanish Domino Record
The designs constructed for the Spanish Domino Record all focused on Anastacia, Spain and the show El Hormiguero itself. Eight builders from the SDE team took a total of five days to create the spectacular domino structures comprised of a total of 150,000 dominoes.

A TV show challenge
“Creating a domino show for a TV broadcast posed an unbelievable number of new challenges for our team. Alongside the high demands with regard to the quality of the domino designs and the overall setup, each individual piece of domino artwork had to be something special in itself. Not a moment of idle time could be allowed to pass in order to maintain the audience’s captivation and ensure that the domino show kept impressing viewers over and over again. For the absolute highlight of the show, we came up with the idea of an underwater challenge, in which one of our builders attempted to close three gaps underwater in three tanks within just 30 seconds, while the chain reaction of toppling dominoes crept closer and closer. The amount of concentration and composure with which Justin Kühn achieved this feat was truly impressive. In fact, this was the first underwater challenge of its kind ever to be mastered. The different motifs dedicated to Anastacia were also a resounding success. She was fascinated and incredibly impressed“, said Patrick Sinner, who was responsible for the design and management of the project.

An excellent response in social media and on TV
After the chain reaction was set in motion by the singer Anastacia, virtually every single domino toppled as planned. The success of the show resonated with social media users, who described the chain reaction as unique, spectacular and their reason for watching the programme. With 4,070,000 viewers, the domino show was watched by 23.1% of the television audience when aired at 10:47pm, making it the most-watched minute of television that day.

The highlights:

  • A domino setup for a live TV show with the superstar Anastacia
  • 150,000 dominoes constructed
  • A challenging design with many highlights
  • An excellent response in social media and on TV
  • The golden minute: the “most-viewed minute of television”
Client: 7 Y Accion SL
Industry: TV production
Production: Anastacia Domino Show in Madrid
Task: To develop a concept for and organise a five-minute-long domino show for the popular Spanish entertainment show “El Hormiguero” (Antena 3) featuring the star guest Anastacia

150,000 dominoes in a complex and excitingly presenting domino chain reaction that achieved the golden minute (4.07 million viewers / 23.1% market share)








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