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Hirzenhain Guild Fair Opening Ceremony


At the opening ceremony of the 4th Hirzenhain Guild Fair, Sinners Domino Entertainment made sure that things went off with a blast: as an element of its domino setup, a pyrotechnic effect impressed guests at the opening.

Showing off what Upper Hesse has to offer
This year’s Hirzenhain Guild Fair took place under the motto “Hirzenhain Guild – We show what Upper Hesse really has to offer”. Such a spectacular claim also required a spectacular domino show for the opening ceremony of the fair: On Thursday afternoon, the team from Sinners Domino Entertainment prepared a total of 25,000 dominoes depicting the logos of the guild and the town of Hirzenhain, all ready for the event to quite literally start off with a bang. Located between the two logos was a symbolic ‘domino bomb’ and as its dominoes toppled, a confetti cannon let off a loud bang to signify the start of the fair. This spectacle was greeted with plenty of enthusiasm and applause from both the guests and exhibitors at the opening event.

Combining tradition and modernity
“The aim of the event organisers was to combine tradition with modernity, especially given that the Guild Fair 2015 was being held in the traditional Breuer Building. By using the pyrotechnic effect during the topping of the old-fashioned bomb caricature, we wanted to ensure that the fair really went off with a blast. By combining the ‘bomb’ with the two logos, we achieved a harmonious concept for the fair’s opening ceremony”, declared Patrick Sinner, who was responsible for designing the domino setup together with the Guild’s graphic artist Max Küttner.

The Hirzenhain Guild Fair was held in the Breuer Building in the Buderus Park in Hirzenhain for the fourth time last weekend. More than 7,000 visitors and perfect weather conditions made the fair a resounding success.

The highlights:

  • A design containing 25,000 dominoes
  • With an integrated pyrotechnic effect
  • A domino PR event for the opening ceremony of a trade fair

More information and press coverage:

Hirzenhainer Gilde (DE): Messe 2015


Client: Hirzenhainer Gilde e. V.
Industry: Trade Association for Commerce, Skilled Crafts, Industry and Services
Production: Hirzenhain Guild Fair Domino Show 2015
Task: To construct a domino show for the opening ceremony of the trade fair

25,000 dominoes in two logos with a pyrotechnic special effect







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