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Liebherr Company Anniversary Family Day


In the last week of June, the company Liebherr Verzahntechnik GmbH celebrated its 50th anniversary at its site in Kempten. Sinners Domino Entertainment developed a domino show illustrating the history of the company especially for the occasion.

Milestones as a key element
During the anniversary celebration, 5,000 employees and associates were taken on a tour of the factory featuring a domino show with the motto of “Experience 50 years of future”. In the show, Sinners Domino Entertainment used 20,000 dominoes to illustrate the eventful corporate history of the company Liebherr Verzahntechnik GmbH, which was founded back in 1969. 15 milestones ranging from the invention of the mobile tower crane through to the start of production activities for hydraulic excavators, fridges and truck mixers and right through to the opening of the company’s production sites in the USA, India and China were incorporated into the chain reaction and presented alongside the big anniversary logo.

An unusual event location
“The special thing about this project was the fact that we worked directly in the company’s dispatch hall, from which deliveries to companies all over the world are normally shipped. In the run-up to the event, each employee was given a voucher that they could exchange for their very own domino. This enabled them to interact with the project directly and reflected their responsibility for continuing the chain from the past to the present and into the future”, stated Patrick Sinner, explaining the domino design.

The highlights:

  • A domino show to celebrate the company anniversary
  • 20,000 dominoes
  • Visualisation of the company history
  • Active involvement of employees

Liebherr Verzahntechnik GmbH


Mechanical engineering


Liebherr Domino Show in Kempten


To develop the concept for and host a domino show for the anniversary celebrations on the Liebherr Family Day with active integration of the employees


20,000 dominoes in a domino chain reaction in the dispatch hall at the plant in Kempten with presentation of 15 milestones in the Liebherr corporate history connected by employees’ personal dominoes







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