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The trade fair company Messe München recently decided to use dominoes as a teambuilding measure. Sinners Domino Entertainment was commissioned to plan, prepare and execute the tricky challenge and gave the employees involved a great taste of success.

Dominoes as a group task
Bringing 400 people together to work on a single domino chain reaction may initially seem like a very tall order. When it then emerges that a specific design needs to be created, the task even seems impossible. In Munich, however, the challenge was a great success: At this year’s Value Day, all employees of the trade fair company Messe München faced a number of different teambuilding challenges in workshop sessions. One of the tasks set was to create the word “Einsatzfreude” (enthusiasm) using nothing but dominoes.

Employees create their very own structure
The workshop participants took on the challenge in four groups and with the support of four coaches and the careful preparations by Sinners Domino Entertainment, the entire plan came to fruition. The colleagues managed to construct the word on their own and all of the 10,000 dominoes placed toppled as planned. Klaus Dittrich, the CEO of Messe München GmbH, was extremely satisfied with the result.

Patience, motivation and teamwork
“Working with dominoes as a teambuilding tool requires patience, finesse, perseverance, dedication and teamwork from all participants – and at the same time promotes these very qualities. With the support of experienced professionals, everyone in the team can be part of creating a great chain reaction. The group experiences its own special sense of achievement when it witnesses how all of the dominoes placed topple as planned. And even if something goes wrong during construction and hundreds of dominoes accidentally fall, watching the colleagues rushing to help each other is an impressive sight in itself”, stated Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment in his personal conclusion of the successful team event.

The highlights:

  • Dominoes as a teambuilding activity
  • 10,000 dominoes constructed
  • Promotion teamwork, motivation and patience
  • Active involvement of 400 employees
  • A shared sense of achievement
Client: Messe München GmbH
Industry: Trade fairs and exhibitions
Production: Messe München Domino Workshop in Munich

To help 400 employees construct a company value out of dominoes


The virtually complete construction of the word “Einsatzfreude” (enthusiasm) using 10,000 dominoes by 400 employees divided up into four groups, conducted as a workshop session







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