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Novo Nordisk Diabetes Awareness Promotional Film


In a new campaign, Novo Nordisk, the global market leader for pharmaceutical products for diabetes, is aiming to draw attention to the risks associated with type 2 diabetes. The central element of the campaign: a video featuring a “spiral of life” made using 15,000 dominoes.

A creative presentation of a serious topic
The domino spiral contains a number of cleverly incorporated elements that cause it to change how it topples. It aims to show how many different aspects can influence and change the course of diabetes and as a result, a patient’s life.


Dominoes: universally understood
“We came up with the design for the spiral of life with the aim of using symbolism to communicate a serious message that can be understood worldwide, regardless of the country, culture and language concerned. Set in motion by a sandglass, the toppling spiral highlights how diabetes triggers a domino effect in which there are many more elements to consider than just the blood sugar level. As soon as illnesses and excess weight start to play a role, the chain reaction gets out of control and the dominoes threaten to collide, which would cause the spiral to come to a standstill. It is only after correction resulting from a doctor’s appointment that the spiral returns to toppling in a controlled manner like at the start”, states Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment, explaining the creative design behind the project.

The elaborately designed production was filmed in three days at the Cherryduck Studios in London in cooperation with the renowned production company AnnexFilms. The domino structure had to be partially or fully reconstructed for the shoot on several occasions.


The highlights:

  • Filming a video for the Diabetes Awareness Campaign
  • Development of a creative concept
  • Execution and construction in a film studio
  • 15,000 dominoes constructed

Novo Nordisk A/S




Novo Nordisk Diabetes Awareness Corporate Domino Video Shoot London


To produce a domino chain reaction for a promotional video aiming to raise awareness of the dangers of type 2 diabetes


To create a domino effect aided by a projection for constant and precise repeated filming in accordance with the precise requirements of the producer and the storyboard and providing comprehensive and detailed support and advice during filming








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domino experts

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