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Turkish Domino Record 2016


The Bursa Domino Show 2016 was the first major international event organised by Sinners Domino Entertainment. The show, which featured 300,000 dominoes, was wholly inspired by the host nation Turkey.

The motto: Turkish history and culture
The designs used in the show all focused on the motto “Turkey – History & Culture”. From the founding of the Republic of Turkey by Mustafa Atatürk right through to the nation’s culture and its Bosporus Bridges, well-known Turkish motifs were singled out and creatively packed into a rousing domino show. The aim: to break the existing Turkish National Record of nearly 200,000 dominoes, which was set back in 2009. The regional government of Yildirim, Bursa, wanted to mark the Turkish Republic Day on 29th October with this extraordinary event.

New challenges in an international project
“When tackling this project, we faced completely new challenges. Another country means a different culture, a different way of working and a different audience. Together with our clients and Turkish trade fair construction companies, we took on the challenge of adapting a creative domino show with complex content to such new circumstances. This resulted in extremely elaborate, but equally visually compelling and highly effective designs showcased with additional decorative elements. With a four-member planning team and 14 domino experts from five different countries, the domino show already set new standards during its preparations. Never before have so many people from so many different countries worked on creating one of our events. We also successfully tackled several logistical challenges: all of the dominoes came from our own stock and had to arrive in sufficient colour-specific quantities at a venue 2,500 kilometres away from home”, explained Patrick Sinner, who was responsible for the implementation of the project by Sinners Domino Entertainment.

A successful show and a new record
Both the Turkish organisers and the construction team were finally put at ease after the successful completion of the seven-minute-long spectacle, which saw a new Turkish National Record established with 293,841 dominoes toppled. More than three million people nationwide tuned in to Turkish television to watch the Bursa Domino Show.

The highlights:

  • A new Turkish domino record
  • 293,841 dominoes toppled
  • Intricate designs and backgrounds
  • SDE’s first major international project
  • More than 3 million television viewers
Client: Regional Government of Yildirim, Bursa
Industry: Public / national
Production: Bursa Domino Show 2016
Task: To develop a concept for and achieve the Turkish record for the most dominoes toppled in a chain reaction as a TV broadcast
Solution: 300,000 dominoes in a spectacular show under the motto “The History of Turkey”, incorporating a multitude of special features such as backgrounds, decorations and special effects








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