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Unibail Riem Arcaden Opening Ceremony


A wall collapses at the opening ceremony: what may sound like a nightmare was actually a planned highlight. The wall that fell was a 2.40-metre-high domino structure that toppled to reveal the new extension of the Riem Arcaden shopping centre in Munich.

A five-minute-long chain reaction
“Be there when the last stone is placed at the Riem Arcaden” was the motto of the opening ceremony for the shopping centre’s 18,500m2-large extension. The meaning behind this motto was more than just symbolic: at 10am on the dot, the Centre Manager Ivica Pavusek did indeed place the last of a total of 75,000 dominoes before triggering a five-minute-long chain reaction and officially opening the new building.

A record-breaking wall at a height of 2.40 metres
The special highlight of the show was the 2.4-metre-tall and 5-metre-wide domino wall, the toppling of which unveiled the entrance to the new extension to the visitors. This was the first time ever that a domino wall this tall had been built. The other motifs featured in the domino show focused on the themes of Bavaria, Easter and the shopping centre itself. Stretching over an entire section of the shopping centre’s first floor, the domino setup attracted more than 1,000 visitors to the Riem Arcaden. A nine-member team from Sinners Domino Entertainment had constructed the entire design in a record time of just 17 hours.

The highlights:

  • A domino show to celebrate the opening of a new building
  • 75,000 dominoes constructed
  • A record-breaking wall with a height of 2.40 metres
  • 1,000 spectators
  • Constructed overnight in 17 hours

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Riem Arcaden Domino Show in Munich


To create a spectacular five-minute-long domino show for the opening of the extension of the Riem Arcaden in Munich overnight


75,000 dominoes and a 2.40m-high and 5.00m-wide wall in front of the entrance to the new extension, constructed in 17 hours and completed perfectly on time







production day


domino experts

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