Are you an event organiser keen to make the most of the advantages of a creative domino show? Are you an agency looking for an experienced partner for brand-based corporate or teambuilding events with a domino effect? Do you want to work with a reliable full-service expert for individual domino and chain reaction solutions? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place – we are happy to help!


Domino shows and domino events have been fascinating people from all over the globe for many years. The bigger the show, the more spectacular the effects and the more dominoes used, the greater the excitement and the resulting enthusiasm. With the German Domino Record, we have created what has been the world’s largest domino event over the past decade and achieved an impressive total of 18 world records. We offer the planning and implementation of complete domino shows from one single source – from the initial idea right through to the final domino to topple.

Planning and implementation

Major public events

Live shows and TV events

Event planning, organisation and hosting from one single source

18 domino world records

More than ten years of experience


Dominoes are likeable brand ambassadors and efficient communication tools that companies can use to convey their messages in a targeted manner. We develop motivational team events, run individual workshop sessions and produce truly unique domino effects for your business event. As a full-service provider, we offer domino solutions tailored to suit you and your company from one single source. Be it product launches, anniversary celebrations, opening events, trade fairs or conventions, we use dominoes to effectively showcase content, messages and concepts in a communicative and brand-oriented way.

Corporate communication solutions

Brand - based domino designs

Unique live experiences

Corporate domino entertainment

Teambuilding events



With their fascinating structures, spectacular effects and unusual perspectives, creative chain reactions are an excellent solution when it comes to quickly and simply conveying advertising messages that are sure to impress your target audience. When producing such reactions, it is essential that every shot is achieved perfectly down to the finest detail and that all dominoes topple exactly as planned. As an experienced partner of film productions, photographers and advertising agencies, we are able to achieve even the most complex domino effects that can convey the most diverse of messages – extremely precisely, with perfect timing and able to be reliably repeated time and time again. We work exactly according to your requirements, provide advice on technical possibilities or develop a creative concept especially for you before putting it into practice.

Film productions

Corporate films


Photo shoots

Multimedia campaigns

Support throughout all project phases

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We plan and host domino events with a full spectrum of professional event technology from one single source.