World Records

Domino world records can be achieved in more than 25 officially recognised disciplines. As an 18-time domino world record holder, we have been working in cooperation with Guinness World Records and the German Record Institute (RID) for many years. When it comes to breaking world records, we are well aware of the high demands involved in terms of the achievement itself and strict compliance with the rules, including the requirement to provide evidence. Make the most of our expertise and transform your event into your own personal world record celebration!

Most dominoes toppled by a group

Weijers Domino Productions, Netherlands, 2009

The classic domino effect: The idea behind this record is to topple as many dominoes as possible in a single chain reaction. This record was established on the set of the European Saturday night show “Domino Day”, which was broadcast live in 13 countries.



Most dominoes toppled by an individual

Liu Yang, China, 2011

The record for the most dominoes toppled in a single chain reaction built by one single person was set during the New Year celebrations of the Chinese television channel “Beijing TV”. Liu Yang took six weeks to set up his attempt.



Largest domino mosaic

Weijers Domino Productions, Netherlands, 2008

This is the largest single domino field ever to be constructed and toppled. It consisted of 1,011,732 individual dominoes and was part of the chain reaction for “Domino Day 2008”.



Largest domino portrait

Sinners Domino Entertainment, Germany, 2015

This world record category stipulates that the domino construction design must be a portrait. 150,174 dominoes were needed to depict Steve Jobs in a portrait covering an impressive area of 72m². Our 18-member team required nearly four days to construct the world record on the set of the “German Domino Record 2015” event.



Most dominoes toppled in a spiral

Sinners Domino Entertainment, Germany, 2018

The largest domino spiral toppled on 3rd August 2018 on the set of the “German Domino Record 2018”, an event celebrating our tenth anniversary. With 30 rows of dominoes all toppling simultaneously, the spiral only completed just over four complete rotations and had a diameter of approximately seven metres.



Most dominoes toppled in a circle field

Sinners Domino Entertainment, United Arab Emirates, 2018

We achieved this record in cooperation with the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi on the occasion of the National Day holiday of the United Arab Emirates in 2018. The circle took a total of just five seconds to topple completely. Guests at the event included several members of the UAE royal family.



Most dominoes toppled in a cube

Sinners Domino Entertainment, Germany, 2018

This is one of the most challenging domino records achieved: On the set of the “German Domino Record 2018” event, our team stacked exactly 21,600 dominoes to create a huge magic cube. The cube was solid and comprised of nothing but dominoes on both the outside and inside. Even a single moment of inattention could have led to the unstoppable collapse of the entire structure.



Most dominoes toppled in a 3D pyramid

Andreas Zauner, Austria, 2020

The largest 3D domino pyramid ever to be constructed and toppled contained 20,336 dominoes and was built by Andreas Zauner in the Austrian city of Ried im Innkreis on 8th May 2020. With his achievement, he broke the five-year-old record held by the German duo Kevin Pöhls and Tobias Demuth who stacked a total of 18,447 dominoes to a pyramid in 2015. Domino experts consider the record for the 3D pyramid to be the most difficult discipline given that, as was also the case with the domino cube, one single mistake is likely to result in the collapse of the entire structure.



Most dominoes toppled underwater by a team

Sinners Domino Entertainment, Germany, 2015

On the set of the “German Domino Record 2015” event on 15th August 2015, exactly 11,466 dominoes toppled in a domino design constructed underwater. The dominoes used to achieve the record were allowed to be heavier than normal in order to stand up underwater but otherwise had to comply with the stipulated standard domino dimensions. Entirely submerged in water, the dominoes fell as if in slow motion to secure the new record. The discipline had only been introduced in the previous year, when 10,489 dominoes set the first record at the “German Domino Record 2014” event.



Most mini dominoes toppled

Wasilja Peterse, Netherlands, 2020

A world record in miniature format! Wasilja Peterse successfully set up and toppled 3,202 miniature dominoes measuring 1cm x 0.5cm x 0.2cm in Arnhem on 15th September 2020 beating our seven-year-old record of 2,000 mini dominoes which has been part of the British TV programme “Officially Amazing” in 2013.  Given that building such a construction by hand is almost impossible, each individual domino had to be placed using tweezers.



Most dominoes stacked on a single piece

Alexander Bendikov, Russia, 2019

Incredible, but possible: After we stacked 1,055 dominoes on a single vertically standing piece on the set of the “German Domino Record 2014” event, Alexander Bendikov reclaimed his record with 1,120 precisely stacked dominoes on 18th May 2019. Bendikov has held the record several times before. The essential requirement is that neither glue nor a supporting structure were permitted when building the stack, which had to stand freely for at least one hour after construction. The stack on the photo shows the previous record from 2014. It remained standing for one hour, 26 minutes and 11 seconds and boasted an impressive height of 37cm.




Tallest 2D domino pyramid

Sinners Domino Entertainment, Germany, 2017

Another record broken on the set of the “German Domino Record 2017” event was the record for the “Largest 2D Domino Pyramid”. With a total height of 3.024 metres, the structure was the first of its kind to reach a height of over three metres. The main challenge in this record attempt was to prevent the highly fragile structure, which contained precisely 8,001 dominoes and had a depth of just 4.8cm, from tilting to either side and prematurely toppling.



Longest domino wall

Sinners Domino Entertainment, Germany, 2018

The 50 best moments from ten years of Sinners Domino Entertainment were revealed on the set of the “German Domino Record 2018” event by the toppling of the world’s longest domino wall. The wall was more than 50 metres long and consisted of 53,230 dominoes. To achieve a valid record, the wall had to be at least one metre high and made of nothing but dominoes and was required to fall freely in its entirety to prove that no glue had been used.



Tallest domino structure

Michael Hörmann & Philipp Zimmermann, Germany, 2014

The tallest ever structure to be built entirely out of dominoes was toppled on 21st April 2014 in the German town of Buchloe and was more than nine metres in height. It was so high that a hydraulic crane was needed to help with the construction. Adhesives and other scaffolding or structures to give the tower stability were, of course, forbidden. The structure was only allowed to contain dominoes.



Highest toppling domino climb

Weijers Domino Productions, Netherlands, 2008

The largest height to be surmounted by a single row of dominoes on steps constructed specifically for this purpose was 11.52 metres in a structure built during “Domino Day 2008”. No additional mechanisms or objects whatsoever were permitted when achieving this height.



Largest toppling domino stone

Prudential Financial Inc., USA, 2014

This record describes the largest domino stone ever to topple. The special thing about this record is that it requires the first domino in the chain reaction to correspond to the standard size of 4.8cm x 2.4cm x 0.7cm. The size of the dominoes in the chain must then continuously increase in size before causing the largest stone to topple. The largest domino in this record was larger than a three-storey building.



Fastest toppling domino setting

Weijers Domino Productions, Netherlands, 2008

The fastest toppling dominoes in the world covered a 30-metre-long track at an average speed of 7.13 metres per second during “Domino Day 2008”. They were built using the so-called ‘T-setting’ technique, which is considered to be the fastest way to topple dominoes. In a direct duel with the sprinter Churandy Martina, however, the dominoes finished in second place.

7.13 m/s


Longest time continuous domino toppling

Weijers Domino Productions, Netherlands, 2008

This record describes the longest time for which a circle of dominoes was kept toppling continuously. During the preparations for the “Domino Day 2008”, 60 domino experts repeatedly laid 15 dominoes at a time to continue a circular chain reaction that had been set off by the toppling of one single domino for a total of 35 minutes and 22 seconds.