Domino entertainment is all about teamwork. With over ten years of experience and more than 4,000,000 constructed dominoes under our belt, our enthusiasm for the infinite possibilities of the domino effect knows no limits. We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas, methods and challenges and always raise the bar higher and higher to fascinate people and inspire our clients.



Every domino event is only as good as its planning. When it comes to domino design, we develop ideas, transform them into comprehensive concepts and in turn use these to create individual domino displays. While our digital overview shows the entire planned installation, we use specialist software that we developed ourselves to precisely plan the different designs in terms of the number, colour and position of the dominoes involved. We also use 3D visualisations to create special sections of our displays. The tools enable us to present our clients’ projects to them in advance and guarantee top-quality implementation of the planning template.


When it comes to developing the content of our domino events, our Domino Effects unit works in close cooperation with its Domino Design counterpart. In this unit, we plan and produce truly remarkable special effects that harmonise with the overall design and make our domino shows even more exciting. The moment they are initiated by a single toppling domino, these effects are sure to wow spectators. Pyrotechnics, underwater dominoes, luminous dominoes and electronic fuses are just some examples of the multitude of outstanding customised effects and gadgets developed by our domino think tank.


When it comes to producing individually customised and unique domino event solutions, efficient coordination between the client and our units and smooth logistics are absolutely essential. Our project management specialists coordinate our domino projects and maintain an excellent overview of all resources at all times. They ensure that a sufficient number of dominoes in the right colours are prepared and sent to event venues all over the world together with the necessary equipment. Once everything has arrived at the venue, our project managers are responsible for the smooth and successful organisation and execution of the event.


With a steady hand and nerves of steel, our domino experts make sure that all of the dominoes are reliably placed at the right time and precisely according to the planning templates so that when their big moment comes, they topple as intended. Our experts are trained in mastering the biggest challenges. The fact that they can deal with the pressure and stress involved in extremely complex domino structures enables them to make the impossible possible. We work exclusively with experienced specialists from our own established network. This allows us to achieve optimal results within the planned deadline and ensures that no domino topples earlier than expected.


For an unforgettable show, domino events need to feature spectacular light designs, dynamic video recordings and professional photographic documentation. Our event technology specialists have proven expertise in the fields of lighting, sound and video technology. As experienced domino experts, they are also able to install several tonnes of event technology in a hall containing more than half a million dominoes without causing even a single domino to topple. One of their specialities is creating innovative video projections, so-called projection mapping, which enables changing domino designs in real time and even videos to be incorporated into a chain reaction.



Managing Director

Domino entertainment is all about concentration and consistency. Patrick Sinner has now been pulling the strings at Sinners Domino Entertainment for many years. After all this time as the founder, namesake and Managing Director of Sinners Domino Entertainment, his work is still based on one main foundation: his passion for the domino effect.

Sinner develops creative concepts, handles the overall project coordination and is involved in every design and every effect. He is also responsible for the company’s marketing and public relations. In his work as a producer, he has been making his mark on the series of “German Domino Record” events for many years.


Head of Event Logistics

Christian Engelbrecht has been a member of the Sinners Domino Entertainment team since 2015. After initially starting work in the field of IT, he is now responsible for the areas of key account management and event logistics as a specialist for organisation and complex project management.

When it comes to domino events, he works as an operational interface between all parties involved and coordinates issues and logistical matters between the client, organiser, venue, technology and team. The fact that he is fluent in Spanish is highly beneficial in the case of international events in the respective countries.


Head of Project Management

With more than ten years of professional domino experience, Marcel Pürrer always keeps track of everything. As a student in the field of film, television and media production, he is well aware of the particular challenges involved in complex media projects.

In the Sinners team, Marcel Pürrer is responsible for the event project management, organisation and execution of client events, including the coordination of all groups involved. The main focus of his work is catering to the needs of international clients.


Head of Domino Design

When it comes to the planning of domino projects, the plans created by Marco Vorbusch are absolutely essential. The mechanical engineer has been responsible for designing the overviews that depict domino projects in full at Sinners Domino Entertainment since 2017.

Marco Vorbusch is responsible for deciding where each image should be placed. He also controls and calculates sequences, timings and material requirements in consideration of the overall project design. For many years, every plan produced by Sinners Domino Entertainment has passed through his hands and left them with an optimal structure and maximum precision.


Head of Domino Effects

Samuel Möhler has been supporting the team at Sinners Domino Entertainment with his technical expertise since 2012. The civil engineering graduate from Karlsruhe is a specialist for domino effects and acts as an interface with the Domino Design team.

In his work in this role, he develops creative, spectacular, diverse and impressive technical and mechanical special effects. These effects are coordinated with the domino designs to work in perfect harmony and give each domino project and every domino show their own unique highlights.


Head of Event Technology

Maximilian Lettmayer has a BSc degree in Media Technology from St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. As a full-service provider for event technology, he works on an international level with his company ts-ds.eventtechnik, which is based in the Austrian town of Schladming. He has been providing his extensive domino and technology expertise for innovative event technology solutions in close consultation with our domino units as a member of our team since 2015.

His work includes developing lighting, audio and video technology concepts tailored to meet the individual requirements of each event by shining the spotlight in precisely the right place, achieving perfect sound and providing impressive mapping effects and dynamic live recordings.


“We want to share the fascinating world of dominoes on a global level, to entertain millions of people and to constantly further establish the domino effect as a unique means of corporate communication.”

Patrick Sinner, Founder of Sinners Domino Entertainment


We boast the world’s largest network of domino experts. This gives us the capacities and flexibility to master virtually every challenge, regardless of the country and continent concerned. We also work with a wide variety of different specialists so that we can offer our clients a comprehensive range of services from one single source. These specialists are above all experts in the fields of event technology, trade fair construction, props, graphic design and video production.

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