HR3 Domino Logo in Frankfurt

A promotional project for “50 Things a Hessian Needs to Know”

Büdingen may well end up on local television as the home of the world’s lightest stone wall. Patrick Sinner and Christian Bernges from Sinners Domino Entertainment have already taken the first step towards this achieving this at the HR3 radio studio.

Dominoes Making TV

Germany’s third largest chain reaction ever is a success

On Friday, the Sinners Domino Entertainment team achieved not one, but two top results: a new personal best and Germany’s third largest chain reaction to date.

In a Second around the World

Dominoes illustrate information technology and the Internet

Last Friday, Sinners Domino Entertainment celebrated a premiere in the form of its “In a Second around the World” presentation. For the first time ever, the company created several different domino structures all focusing on the same motto and filmed the dominoes as they toppled for a video to be published online.