A special advertisement goes on air in Romania

Alpha Bank Domino TV Commercial Bucharest


From today onwards, a very special commercial for Alpha Bank will be shown on Romanian television. The advertisement was produced by Sinners Domino Entertainment in collaboration with the Bucharest-based production company Multi Media at the start of the month.

Dominoes as an advertising USP
The commercial tells the story of a young family man who builds the Eiffel Tower out of dominoes for his wife only to surprise her the next morning with tickets for a flight to Paris. It promotes the bank’s loan offers, which can “make all dreams come true”. To make its project a success, Alpha Bank relied on the originality of such a commercial, which represents a truly unique marketing method in the world of advertising and therefore captures viewers’ attention in its own special way.

The highlights:

  • A commercial for a Romanian bank
  • An attention-grabbing chain reaction
  • Dominoes as a brand ambassador





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