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Announcement: The German Domino Record 2017


On Friday, 11th August, the next edition of the German Domino Record will take place in Nidda. This was just announced by Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment at a press conference with the Mayor of Nidda, Hans-Peter Seum.

Delving into the world of art
The event will start at 8:30pm in the Mittelstufenhalle hall in Nidda and will take place under the motto “World of Art – Experiencing Domino Entertainment”. It will feature various artistic motifs such as the Mona Lisa, a Chinese temple and Goethe’s Erlking created using a total of more than 500,000 dominoes. The plan is to topple all of these dominoes in a truly spectacular show. For the first time, pyrotechnic effects will support the project. The structure will be the world’s largest domino chain reaction of the year.

Two world record attempts
The event will additionally feature attempts to achieve two world records in the disciplines of “Most dominoes toppled in a circle field” and “Largest 2D domino pyramid”. In 2014, Sinners Domino Entertainment already held the record for the largest circle field, but it was broken last year by an American team that toppled a circle containing 76,017 dominoes. This time, the Sinners team plans to topple 77,777 dominoes. With the domino pyramid, it also wants to improve on its own world record set back in 2015, which currently lies at 7,260 dominoes.

Attended by the German Record Institute
Olaf Kuchenbecker from the German Record Institute, who is also the former Editor-in-Chief of the German edition of the Guinness World Records, will be on site to check compliance with the regulations alongside the notary and lawyer Richard Trunk.

Support from the town of Nidda and regional sponsors
Mayor Hans-Peter Seum is looking forward to the upcoming event. He brought the record-breaking attempt to Nidda in 2015 and is confident that this year’s event will yet again be a resounding success. “We will bring the world record back to Nidda from America”, he declares with optimism. In addition to the businessman Rainer Lapp from the supermarket REWE as the event’s main sponsor, the butcher’s Landmetzgerei Nagel (from Büches), the construction company Baugesllschaft Sperling (Glashütten), the storage operations company Gesellschaft für Lagereibetriebe (GfL) and the company Goliath Toys (Dreieich) are all helping to make the record project a reality.

The highlights:

  • The largest domino chain reaction in the year 2017
  • More than 500,000 dominoes constructed
  • World record attempt for the “Most dominoes toppled in a circle field”
  • World record attempt for the “Largest 2D domino pyramid”

More information and press coverage:

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