32,000 dominoes mark the company anniversary

Coroplast Domino Show Wuppertal


The company Coroplast Fritz Müller GmbH & Co. KG recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. At its headquarters in Wuppertal, Sinners Domino Entertainment prepared a domino show containing 32,000 dominoes in a chain reaction to be triggered by the management team at the anniversary event.

A chain reaction with the logo and company locations
“Coroplast is not only a principal supplier for the Volkswagen Group but has also developed into a globally active company over the last ninety years. Encapsulating this in a domino show that would be triggered in front of more than 500 employees at the Wuppertal site and also broadcast to every other branch around the world was the core idea behind the setup. We therefore came up with a design in which the names of each country in which Coroplast has its own branch were arranged geographically around the company logo so that they would topple in a single two-minute-long chain reaction. The response of the employees to this unusual but equally fascinating programme highlight was phenomenal. With this design, dominoes yet again proved to be a truly amazing event tool”, said Patrick Sinner, responsible for design and implementation at Sinners Domino Entertainment.

The highlights:

  • A domino logo celebrating the company’s 90th anniversary
  • 32,000 dominoes constructed
  • A live broadcast of the chain reaction to all company locations

More information and press coverage:

Westdeutsche Zeitung (DE): Coroplast: Mit Trommelwirbel und Kuchen ins Jubiläumsjahr




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