Germany’s third largest chain reaction ever is a success

Dominoes Making TV


On Friday, the Sinners Domino Entertainment team achieved not one, but two top results: a new personal best and Germany’s third largest chain reaction to date.

A personal best with 11,000 more dominoes
With 49,614 out of the total of 50,000 dominoes constructed toppling in a chain reaction, Patrick Sinner and his team not only broke their own personal record of 38,642 dominoes set back in May but also created the third largest chain reaction in Germany to date.

Television as a timeless motto
“Dominoes Making TV” was chosen as the motto for this event, which incorporated a multitude of well-known German television shows. Even national classics such as “Dick und Doof” and Rudi Carell’s “Am laufenden Band” were included in the domino showcase of the German TV landscape on the floor of the multi-purpose hall in Kefenrod.

Incorporating TV history
Willy Brandt’s well-known opening shot for German colour television was also depicted in dominoes, marking one of the most significant moments in German television history. In celebration of this occasion, the domino builder Christian Bernges repeated the action carried out by Brandt 44 years ago and pressed a buzzer mounted on a lectern to switch the video recording of the event from black and white back into colour.

Featuring current TV shows
When the chain reaction reached depictions of modern German television shows, the dominoes toppled to achieve the maximum sum of one million euros from the popular quiz show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and displayed the logos of the Stefan Raab productions “TV Total” and “Schlag den Raab”. The national search operation “Wo ist Sven?”, which caused a media stir when launched by the Sat. 1 talk show “Kerner” in the summer of 2010, was also built into the chain reaction.

A finale with 14 domino towers
The grand finale of the event consisted of 14 domino towers and when they toppled, their dominoes spelt out the letters “TV”. At the same time, Tristan Betz, the owner of the event’s technology partner “Radio Betz", set off a pyrotechnic fountain that brought the show to an impressive close in front of more than 200 spectators.

The highlights:

  • A new Hessian state record
  • The third largest chain reaction in Germany
  • Of the 50,000 dominoes constructed, 49,612 toppled
  • The big motto: “Television highlights”





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