Featuring the star guests Karlie Kloss and Ed Skrein

El Hormiguero Domino Show Madrid


After its huge success in 2017, Sinners Domino Entertainment recently organised a domino show as a live broadcast for the Spanish TV show El Hormiguero for the second time. All of the dominoes in the five-minute-long show toppled as planned.

Construction in five days
Nine domino experts from SDE spent five days working on the setup containing 150,000 dominoes in the studio in Madrid. When the live show went on air, the American supermodel Karlie Kloss (Project Runway) and Hollywood actor Ed Skrein (Game of Thrones, Transporter, Deadpool) triggered the chain reaction.

A short planning time and a multitude of show effects
“When tackling this project, we faced a number of challenges. The domino design had to be developed under the high demands of a television show within just four days in order to initiate the logistics required to get the equipment to Madrid in good time. Scheduling decisions made at short notice meant that we only had a total of nine days for the entire project planning. We were nevertheless able to come up with an impressive show featuring unique designs and creative effects that lived up to the standards of a broadcast watched by four million viewers. We also integrated video mapping into an entire domino image for the first time by projecting a storm with rain and flashes of lightning over the skyline of New York, which depicted a blackout as the dominoes toppled thanks to a colour-changing effect. This highlight received a particularly good response from the show’s special guests. In fact, Karlie even returned after the show to take a look at it in more detail”, exclaimed Patrick Sinner, who was responsible for the design and management of the project.

An impressive show
The domino motifs were dedicated to the perfumes “Bad Boy” and “Good Girl”, which Karlie Kloss and Ed Skrein were promoting on the show. After the chain reaction was triggered by two perfume bottles placed on a seesaw-like structure, every domino toppled as planned. Several pyrotechnic effects were the icing on the cake. The extremely positive response on social media underlined the success of the show, with many viewers comments on how amazed, fascinated and impressed they were.

The highlights:

  • A domino setup for a live show on Spanish television
  • 150,000 dominoes constructed
  • An extremely short planning time
  • Video mapping integrated for the first time




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