A domino logo to celebrate the company anniversary

Faurecia Day Domino Show Peine


A new company logo made of dominoes was the perfect surprise prepared for the staff of the Faurecia Group to celebrate its company anniversary. The team behind the concept and its implementation: Sinners Domino Entertainment.

On 23rd March, the employees of the Faurecia Group marked the occasion of the company anniversary with special celebrations and events held worldwide. This year, Sinners Domino Entertainment aided the celebrations by constructing a domino version of the new company logo comprised of 15,000 dominoes in the main building of the Faurecia Innenraum Systeme GmbH location in the German town of Peine, Lower Saxony.

An interactive event with personal dominoes

“A successful event with a live effect that led to enthusiasm and amazement among the Faurecia staff. It was a completely new approach for everyone, a brand-new experience, especially because every employee was able to place their own personal domino”, reported Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment about the atmosphere of the project, adding that: “The feedback was outstanding. The people in charge were extremely satisfied with the result and how it was incorporated into their event.”

The highlights:

  • A company logo containing 15,000 dominoes
  • A company anniversary event
  • Active involvement of guests




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