The “World Records Made in Germany” book is launched at the Book

German Record Institute Record Day 2016


Last Wednesday, the start of the Frankfurt Book Fair celebrated the launch of “World Records Made in Germany”, the first record book focusing on records achieved in German-speaking countries. The launch also featured Sinners Domino Entertainment and other record attempts.

Building a book tower in a matter of seconds
To celebrate the release of the new record book by the publisher arsEdition, the German Record Institute (RID) held its first official Record Day with selected record-breakers featured in the book and exciting world record attempts. The first highlight of the event was provided by a four-member team from Sinners Domino Entertainment, which is responsible for a multitude of domino world records presented in the new record book. The team piled up 80 copies of “World Records Made in Germany” within just 60 seconds and were immediately presented with record certificates for the feat by the record adjudicator and event organiser Olaf Kuchenbecker.

The main focus: the new record book
“The idea was to actively integrate the new RID record book into the media event and to highlight it as the main component of a record attempt. Based on our experience when it comes to dexterity and concentration, we prepared this record attempt together with the German Record Institute as the first activity in the event programme. We were able to stack all of the books to form a shaky yet stable tower within the planned time”, stated Patrick Sinner of Sinners Domino Entertainment, explaining the background behind the achievement.

Unbelievable records
This initial record was followed by even more thrilling highlights: the trial biker Max Schrom jumped over people lying on the ground on his bicycle a total of 37 times within a minute, Franz Huber set the world record for the “Most consecutive sit-ups while swallowing a sword”, the Taekwondo athlete Jaclyn Hagermann burst a record number of balloons hanging above her head using a pin attached to her high-heel within 90 seconds and Christoph Seipp travelled to all of Frankfurt’s underground stations within 5 hours, 58 minutes and 53 seconds.

Unfortunately, Muhamed Kahrimanovic’s attempt to get one litre of coconut milk within 120 seconds by crushing individual coconuts was unsuccessful. By an equally narrow margin, the Max Schrom failed at his second record attempt to achieve the “Longest standing jump on a road bike”.

The first RID record book, “World Records Made in Germany”, published by arsEdition, will be released on 18th October 2016.

The copyright for the photos used in the book lies with: © Moodpix – Alexander Pihuliak (2016)

The highlights:

  • A new world record in book stacking
  • A PR event to celebrate a book launch
  • In cooperation with the German Record Institute (RID)

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