The popular domino workshop format is continued

Green Cycle Domino Workshop Seeheim-Jugenheim


Sinners Domino Entertainment recently organised a domino workshop for the “Value Day” event held by Green Cycle Umweltmanagement GmbH, a company of the Schwarz Group (Lidl, Kaufland). The topic: the leadership value of being “structured”

200 employees actively involved
A total of 200 employees attended the domino workshop. Divided up into four large groups, they successively explored four themed areas within four hours. In the domino workshop, they were confronted with the leadership value of “structure". Each group was given 30 minutes to work on a domino task.

Experiencing values with dominoes
“Compared to the previous value-based events, which all focused on how to manage a team, this workshop shone the spotlight on the working approach. Dominoes involve inherent structures that sometimes have to be consciously broken to achieve a result. In such cases, thinking outside the proverbial box is an absolute must. At today’s event, we communicated that a combination of structure and agility is the key to success because, just like in the case of an agile working approach, defined processes are used to secure achievements”, stated Patrick Sinner, explaining the core message communicated by the workshop.

The highlights:

  • A domino workshop for employees
  • Focusing on the topic of “structured work”
  • Using dominoes to communicate leadership values
  • Active involvement of 200 employees in four groups



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