A promotional project for “50 Things a Hessian Needs to Know”

HR3 Domino Logo in Frankfurt


Büdingen may well end up on local television as the home of the world’s lightest stone wall. Patrick Sinner and Christian Bernges from Sinners Domino Entertainment have already taken the first step towards this achieving this at the HR3 radio studio.

As part of the promotion of the TV show “50 Things a Hessian Needs to Know” (to be broadcast at 8:15pm on 14th November by Hessischer Rundfunk), Patrick Sinner and Christian Bernges recently visited the studio of the radio station HR3.

Dominoes on the radio and TV
“Hessian Broadcasting is running a campaign both on television and via radio to find out things that members of the public think that every resident of Hesse needs to know, either things that are typically Hessian or those that have put Hesse in the headlines. One of the suggestions made in preparation for the show was the home of the world’s lightest stone wall, in a hint to our achievement of the Guinness World Record for the “Longest domino wall” last July. Christian and I were invited to the HR3 radio studio in Frankfurt to reveal the name of this location. The station also used the opportunity to give us one hour in which we were challenged to build its logo out of dominoes. Viewers can still cast their votes for the final ranking online at www.50dinge.hr-online.de until 27th October”, states Patrick Sinner, explaining the background to the visit.

The highlights:

  • SDE nominated for a TV show produced by Hessischer Rundfunk
  • The HR3 logo built using dominoes
  • Constructed in just one hour

More information and press coverage:

Video HR3: Dominoweltrekordler bauen HR3-Logo



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