An innovative workshop format used on a global scale

MTU Aero Engines Domino Workshops Worldwide


Sinners Domino Entertainment recently developed a new domino workshop format to communicate leadership values for the aircraft engine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines AG. The flexible format allows the workshop to be adapted to suit any group size and duration.

7 workshops for 1,000 employees
Over the past six months, the company MTU Aero Engines AG has held a total of seven events all over the world for its nearly 1,000 executives, all focusing on the motto of “Experience leadership values”. In three themed areas, the participants attended workshop sessions in which they interactively explored the ideal way to manage their team, how to set an example for other employees and which values they can use to actively foster the corporate culture and help the company to progress as a whole.

Focusing on the topics of communication, teamwork and trust
The new workshop format developed by Sinners Domino Entertainment for this series of events explores the aspects of communication, teamwork and trust and creatively incorporates them into a challenging task. Divided up into smaller groups, the participants are initially assigned a domino colour at random. Their matching dominoes are then waiting for them on the tables. Once each group has a colour, the groups are set the task of building their own sections of the entire chain, coordinating the chain across all three groups, building bridges, creating crossovers and coming up with their own creative solutions at the marked points. Communication both within and across the teams is the main focus throughout the event. When every single domino topples at the end, each of the groups has made its contribution to the successful result and the teams come together to enjoy a shared sense of achievement.

Huge praise from participants
“With this new idea, we make dominoes an attractive workshop tool for events focusing on values and communication. Our new domino workshop format can be adapted to any group size and duration and is therefore extremely flexible. The feedback that we have received from the employees speaks for itself. It’s flattering for us to hear that the participants independently praised the domino-themed area as the best workshop task in which they learnt the most and felt the strongest sense of achievement”, declared Patrick Sinner, the domino expert responsible for the concept.

The highlights:

  • A new interactive domino workshop format for executive training events
  • Focusing on the topics of teamwork, communication and trust
  • Suitable for international use
  • Flexible in terms of the number of participants and time involved



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