Aiming to achieve a double entry in the Guinness World Records

One Day – Two World Records


Sinners Domino Entertainment kicked off the new year with a double world record attempt for the Guinness World Records. The aim: to break the records for the longest domino wall and the largest domino spiral.

A world record attempt in front of 400 spectators
For four days, the multi-purpose hall in Kefenrod witnessed the construction of both a precisely 30-metre-long attempt at the “Longest domino wall” and the “Largest domino spiral” containing 30,000 dominoes. Under the supervision of the official notary Richard Trunk from Büdingen and in front of more than 400 spectators, Friday evening was chosen as the time for the two record-breaking attempts. The team faced a challenging task given that each and every domino had to topple correctly in accordance with international regulations; building the structure alone would not suffice.

A shock: the 30-metre wall collapses
Only a short time after the guests were welcomed into the hall, expressions of shock on the faces of the attendees said it all: from the six-metre point, a large section of the 30-metre-long and one-metre-high domino wall had come crashing down prematurely. The length of this collapsed section was not enough to beat the existing record of 27 metres because the rules stipulate that the valid length must topple in one single collapse. “We assume that the sound from one of the speakers caused the wall to collapse. This was aided by the heat emitted by the spotlights. This is a clear example that domino structures are indeed as fragile and vulnerable as one might typically imagine”, stated organiser Patrick Sinner after the event.

A world record breaking spiral!
The second world record attempt for the “Largest domino spiral” was fortunately unaffected by this hiccup. When the notary Richard Trunk toppled the first domino on top of a stand, the tension in the hall was palpable: Would at least one of the record attempts work? After ten minutes, every single one of the 30,000 dominoes that had been counted before the attempt had toppled, marking the achievement of a new world record. The previous record had been set by Max Poser in Berlin, who built and toppled a spiral containing 28,800 dominoes back in April 2009.

As you would expect, the relief felt by both the members of the construction team and the audience was huge. “We have put all of our experience into these two difficult projects and are relieved that at least the spiral succeeded as planned. The atmosphere here was incredibly exciting and made the event even more enjoyable for everyone”, said Christian Bernges, one of the Sinners Domino Entertainment builders, after the successful world record attempt.

A huge media response to the record
The event was covered by the German media outlets HR1, HR3, HR4, FFH, “Hessischer Rundfunk”, “Maintower”, Rhein-Main-TV and the press agencies DPA and DAPD, which published more than a hundred articles on and mentions of the event in their newspapers and on their websites. The record attempt was even acknowledged by some members of the international press.

The highlights:

  • Two world record attempts on one day
  • Construction of the "Longest wall”
  • A new world record for the “Largest spiral”
  • An international press response for SDE





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