Soybean bars use a domino chain reaction for a TV commercial

Soyjoy Domino TV Commercial Berlin


A domino chain reaction created by Sinners Domino Entertainment forms the focus of a new TV commercial. The setup was used to advertise soya bars made by Soyjoy on the Indonesian market.

A soybean triggers a domino effect
The commercial depicts a young woman rolling a soybean like a marble into an hourglass full of even more soybeans. Another bean falls out of the bottom of the glass and sets the domino chain reaction in motion. The reaction goes on to present Soyjoy as a healthier alternative to traditional confectionery products because it helps to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce calorie intake. The television advert is designed to appeal to typical Indonesian eating habits in particular, based on the fact that the consumption of cakes and sweets as desserts is widespread.

Dominoes attract attention
“Different special effects and the dynamic flow resulting from the chain reaction fix the viewer’s attention on the screen, especially given that they make the commercial stand out strongly against its grey background. This advert is a great example of how to creatively encapsulate a difficult advertising message in a way that is accessible and appealing to consumers. With the right idea, dominoes are ideal for such purposes and at the same time offer a quirky opportunity for product presentation”, explains Patrick Sinner, who was responsible for the implementation of the project on behalf of Sinners Domino Entertainment.

The commercial was produced at the beginning of the year in Berlin by the advertising production company Pet & Flo with the support of Sinners Domino Entertainment and special effects assistants.

The highlights:

  • A professional domino setup for a TV commercial
  • A creative solution for an attention-grabbing product presentation
  • Multiple constructions for multiple shoots





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