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SuperBrain TV Domino Show Milan


Sinners Domino Entertainment recently created an extra-special project for an Italian TV show: a musician identified precisely how many dominoes in a setup toppled based on the sound of them falling alone.

A fascinating show concept
Valerio Torcasio is a musician and has a very fine ear for rhythm and tone. In collaboration with the TV production company Endemol Italy, the idea of a domino-themed concept for the TV show “SuperBrain – Le Supermenti”, in which Torcasio can guess how many dominoes actually fall in a chain reaction next to him by the sound of them toppling alone, was recently realised. The dominoes in the last row of the show were numbered, allowing the presenter to select the precise amount of dominoes that she wanted to fall. She decided to topple exactly 8,404 dominoes. With his fascinating answer of 8,462, Torcasio was only 58 dominoes above the exact figure! The broadcast will be aired on the Italian TV channel RAI Uno on 28th December.

Dominoes as a creative medium
“This project in particular clearly demonstrates the diverse and creative applications for which dominoes can be used. When the production company approached us with the concept, we were very sceptical as to whether the challenge could really be accomplished. In the end, both we and the audience were absolutely fascinated by the result”, says Patrick Sinner about the project.

The highlights:

  • A creative domino show concept
  • A candidate states the number of toppling dominoes solely by listening
  • SDE as a partner of the TV production company Endemol

More information and press coverage:

Video RAI UNO (IT): SuperBrain - Le Supermenti from 28th December 2013




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