The plan: to bring the world records back to Nidda

Today: The German Domino Record 2017


The suspense is building: at 8:30pm this Friday, 11th August, the Mittelstufenhalle hall in Nidda will open its doors for yet another spectacular edition of the German Domino Record.

Two world record attempts
Alongside impressive new domino motifs focusing on the motto “World of Art – Experiencing Domino Entertainment”, the event also aims to break two world records, namely the “Most dominoes toppled in a circle field” and the “Largest 2D domino pyramid”.

Impressive work by the construction team
“However the evening may pan out, the team has done incredibly well. A total of around 50,000 dominoes had to be placed a second time after toppling during the construction phase. That’s about an entire day’s worth of construction work. Seeing the discipline, perseverance and motivation of every single member of the team is beyond impressive. The technical team has also worked around the clock to transform the hall into the perfect setting and to provide tonight’s audience with a truly brilliant show”, said the event’s main organiser Patrick Sinner this afternoon.

More than 500 spectators expected
An 18-member team from Sinners Domino Entertainment has spent 12 days working on what is the world’s largest domino structure of the year 2017. Olaf Kuchenbecker from the German Record Institute and the notary Richard Trunk will be on site to check that the structure complies with the stipulated regulations. The event’s main sponsor Rainer Lapp will topple the first of a total of more than 500,000 dominoes to trigger the chain reaction. Other guests at the event will include the CDU Secretary-General, Dr Peter Tauber, and the Mayor of Nidda, Hans-Peter Seum. More than 500 spectators are expected to attend. Admission is free.

The highlights:

  • More than 500,000 dominoes constructed
  • Constructed over a period of 12 days
  • World record attempt for the “Most dominoes toppled in a circle field”
  • World record attempt for the “Largest 2D domino pyramid”

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