Three events celebrate the National Day holiday

UAE National Day Domino Shows Dubai


Every year on 2nd December, the United Arab Emirates celebrates its National Day. This year, Sinners Domino Entertainment marked the occasion by hosting three spectacular domino shows in front of live audiences.

Impressing spectators with extraordinary events
The organisers behind the events surrounding the occasion are always on the lookout for new and unusual event concepts that are truly one of a kind. This year, Sinners Domino Entertainment was able to impress both the organisers and spectators by hosting three simultaneous domino shows in front of live audiences at three different shopping centres in Dubai.

SDE as “domino ambassadors” in the Middle East
According to Patrick Sinner, responsible for the organisation and design of the event on behalf of Sinners Domino Entertainment: “Alongside the spectacular fireworks displays seen across the entire UAE and particularly in Dubai on the National Day, many other extraordinary events also take place to highlight the symbolic character of the occasion. We were also able to capture this character in our domino shows, which took place simultaneously in front of live audiences in three different locations. The motifs used in the shows were the national flag, a map of the UAE and the Spirit of the Union. Using dominoes as an event tool was something entirely new for the region and was virtually unheard of until we came along. Long lines of curious and fascinated spectators formed in front of the stages, all eager to watch the 36,000 dominoes as they successfully toppled. With these shows, we have successfully introduced a completely new and unique event concept to Dubai.”

The highlights:

  • Three domino events celebrating the National Day of the UAE
  • 36,000 dominoes constructed
  • Typical national motifs
  • Dominoes as a new event highlight in the Middle East



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