Introducing the world’s first ever domino show using biscuits

Yorkshire Tea Product Launch Event Leeds


At the Yorkshire Tea headquarters in Leeds, England, the world’s first ever domino chain reaction using biscuits was recently created to launch the all-new “Biscuit Brew” tea variety. The event combined marketing and teambuilding.

An extraordinary teambuilding event
34 employees from Yorkshire Tea, Britain’s most prestigious tea brand, worked together to create the spectacular domino show in just 10 hours. The chain, which stretched 120 metres and covered the entire floor, was constructed using 5,000 biscuits, 500 tea boxes and other everyday office items. Sinners Domino Entertainment helped with the preparation and implementation of the show.

SDE: domino experts, even with biscuits
“This was an extremely unusual event for a product launch that required pioneering creativity and innovation right from the word go. A domino show using biscuits, so far the only one of its kind in the world, also represents a completely new challenge for us. Nevertheless, both aspects of the concept were hugely successful: the team task in which the Yorkshire Tea team worked together to stage the launch of its product and the accompanying video shoot. Within just 48 hours, the film recorded had been viewed online more than a million times”, says Patrick Sinner, responsible for project implementation at Sinners Domino Entertainment, describing the success of the event.

Fun in a team and advertising success all in one
Kate Halloran, the creator of Biscuit Brew, added: “Inspired by Great Britain’s favourite biscuits, we came up with the idea for our new Biscuit Brew variety of tea. To celebrate this special occasion, we thought what could be better than to bring our entire team together to create the world’s first ever domino chain using biscuits? It was a great success and the team certainly had a whole lot of fun.”

The highlights:

  • A domino setup using 5,000 biscuits
  • A product launch featuring a domino event and video shoot
  • A teambuilding measure with 34 employees
  • More than one million video clicks in 24 hours

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